About Us

Best2buy.in one of the leading amazon affiliate websites in the category of Home Essential. Our website provides unbiased reviews on Home Essential and Home Decor Products. You can also find smart home product reviews.

While hovering online, it is somehow always difficult to choose the perfect product. A few years back, I was also in that situation while trying to find the best storage boxes for my home.

After that, I have decided to build a website having quality reviews on those products. So, In the future other people can look out for the features of the products before buying. So, they can choose according to their requirements.

Here’s what we do to make the hard work of choosing the right home appliance easy for you:

1) We find the types of home appliances (like smart bulbs, humidifiers, water purifiers, plastic drawer boxes, etc) that people having trouble finding the right.

2) Next, we identify the around 10 to 20 best-selling, highest-rated, and most reviewed models for each type of product on top Indian shopping sites like Amazon, We read reviews on forums, answers on Quora and other social media sites, and research about the brand behind each product thoroughly.

3) Finally, we filter down to the top 5 to 10 models from the selected list and review each of them one-by-one and present them on the site.

4) Furthermore, We research for each product to try and find as much information as we can and provide buying guides, conclusions, and answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the particular product.