Bajaj Immersion Rod 1000W Price & Reviews | Opinions After One Year Usage

From my aspect, Most of the Indian houses don’t have geysers in the bathroom. Mainly, there are two big reasons for this.

Firstly, the geysers come costly, so many of us can’t afford them and, secondly, it consumes a lot of electricity.

So, alternatively, we like to use an Immersion Rod Water Heater instead. The rod heater costs 1/4 times less than a geyser and works perfectly. Although the geysers are more efficient than the immersion rods, the immersion heaters are a winning product from the price aspect.

Bajaj Immersion Rod 1000W Price & Reviews

In this article, I’ll share with you my one year experience with the Bajaj Immersion Rod(1000W). Like the pros and cons of this appliance, usages, and also the present condition of it.

We already know that Bajaj Electronics is a renowned brand. They always try to offer us the best electronics products in the market.

So, there is nothing exceptional in the Bajaj Immersion Rod Heater (1000W). The black-colored immersion heater only costs around 400-500 RS. Besides, it just needs a three-pin plug holder to work.

The Good Side:

1. Easy To Use

Honestly, I don’t have to hustle to use the immersion heater. The 1KW rod heater easily fits in the traditional Indian sockets. Besides, I only have to fill a steel bucket with water and put the rod inside it.

It does also have a grip (holding pin) to attach it to the steel bucket.

Keep in mind that a 1.5KW water heater needs a 16amp socket to work, as it needs more electricity to heat the water fast.

2. Fast Heating

The Bajaj Immersion Rod barely takes 10-15 minutes to heat your water. Usually, I take a 10-liter steel bucket and overheat the water. So, I can mix it with normal water to make it mild. Though the water is a little bit chilled due to the climate, it only takes around 15 minutes.

3. Compatible

You can use this immersion heater with any size of steel buckets. You only have to sink the rod inside the water, and you’re ready to go. However, big buckets take only a few minutes more to get heated up.

4. Energy-efficient

Now the most important thing is the electricity bill. Like how much power does it consumes? Honestly, last year I used it regularly throughout the winter season. However, I didn’t notice any big spikes in my electricity bill during this period.

5. Durable

After using this appliance for a year, I can say that the product is super durable. Till now, It has the same efficiency to heat the water.

The Down Side:

1. Less Anti-Corrosive

Even so, Bajaj Claims the rod is made from Anti-Corrosive material, the coating of the immersion rod is faded a little bit throughout the year. However, It’s working fine now. But, maybe in the next one or two years, I’ve to purchase a new one.

frequently asked questions:

1. Do I need an extra socket for this heater?

Nope. If you’re using a 1000w variant of the Bajaj Immersion Rod, the traditional sockets will work fine.

2. Can I put it in a plastic bucket to heat?

Only use steel pots, glasses, or buckets to heat water. Plastic mugs will melt away if used with any immersion rod.

3. What is the Length of Cord?

It’s long enough to measure around 2 meters.

4. is it shockproof?

Yes. The Bajaj Immersion Rod is totally shockproof. However, any faulty products may give you little shocks. I’ll advise you immediately to return them.

5. Will I get the warranty?

The Bajaj Immersion Rod heater comes with a one-year warranty.

A few precautions:

  • Only use in steel containers.
  • Make sure to on the heater after putting it into water.
  • Don’t touch the water when the rod is turned on.
  • Never leave the rod turned on without water. It can catch fire easily.
  • Keep your children away from this.

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