Best Cooling Tower Fans For Summer in India(2022)

Are you finding the Best Cooling tower fans? If yes, then you’ve just landed in the right place. Here you can find unbiased reviews of top quality tower fans with a proper buying Guide. Also, here we did a comparison between Air cooler vs tower fans vs pedestal fans. So, you can clarify your thoughts and move forward to purchase the right fan.

During summer days, especially in India, we feel exhausted due to high humidity.  So, we need a permanent solution to get relief from this. Tower fans are one of the great solutions to this problem. Being an inexpensive fan it has numerous features. Its superior airflow, portability, noiseless features make this fan more convenient.


Best Cooling Tower Fans in India

1. iBELL Tower Fan, Anti Rust Body

Cooling tower fans

The modern IBELL Tower fan is in the Bestseller category of Amazon. It gives superior performance and blows out the hotness during the summer. The International standard tower fan is specially designed for Indian consumers. The IBELL cooling tower fan is ideal for your home or office.

Main features:

  • Sleek and Modern Desing.
  • Sturdy and Anti-rust Body.
  • Powerful air delivery(up to 25 feet).
  • 4-way airflow.
  • Three-speed modes.

The IBELL tower fan comes with a dimension of Height: 74cm, Length: 23cm & Width: 28cm. The 140watt motor provides high-speed air up to 25 feet distant. Also, it generates 2250m3 of air per hour. However, the tower fan consumes less energy.

Moreover, three-speed modes are available in this device. Also, the build quality of the tower fan is remarkable. It is built with strong metal and plastic material which gives it durability. Moreover, the anti-rust body finish of the tower protects it from corrosion.

What's Good

  • Modern sturdy and sleek design.
  • Powerful & wider airflow.
  • Built with corrosion-free material.
  • Energy-efficient tower fan.
  • 1 year+6 months additional warranty.

What's Bad

  • A little bit noisy.
  • There should be more options for speed control.


2. Usha Fiber Plastic Tower Fan, Black, and White

Cooling tower fans

The compact-sized tower fan of the Usha brand is ideal for your kitchen room. It provides massive airflow with its powerful 35w motor. Also, the tower fan comes with an inbuilt fuse which protects it from thermal overloading. It comes with a one-year brand warranty from Usha.

Main features:

  • Ultra-slim & attractive design.
  • Powerful air delivery.
  • Thermal overloading protection.
  • Three-speed control modes.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Timing feature.

The Usha tower fan is around 3ft long & built with fiber and plastic. It makes the fan more lightweight. The tower fan is a space saver device because of its compact design. It fits anywhere in your room. The fan delivers powerful air up to 15 ft distant. Better works in small areas like kitchen rooms.

In large rooms, you have to fix it closer to get good performance. Moreover, the tower fan comes with three-speed(high, mid, low) modes for your comfort. It has also a swing regulator for covering a wider area. The timing feature allows the tower fan to get automatically off after a certain time. So, you can sleep without any break. You can set it for 40min, 80min, or 120min according to your needs.

What's Good

  • Lightweight, portable & space-saving design.
  • Powerful air delivery.
  • Four Regulators to set time.
  • Ultra energy saving tower fan.
  • Noiseless.

What's Bad

  • Build quality can be better.
  • Air delivery distance is less.


3. Crompton Air Buddy Kitchen Tower Fan

cooling tower fans

If you’re getting tired of gas flame disturbance while cooking, then the Crompton Air Buddy Kitchen Tower Fan will be the perfect choice for you. Its focused airflow provides you better experience rather than ceiling fans. So, you can cook your favorite dish without any pause.

Main features:

  • Personalized airflow.
  • Bladeless design.
  • Horizontal and vertical fixtures available.
  • Airflow control mode and swing option.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Wall mounting option available.

The Crompton tower fan is compact, measures around 550mm long. Its bladeless design ensures safety for your children. Despite its small size, it produces 700 cubic meters/hour with a speed of 2600RPM. Also, its air throw distance is around 6 feet.

Moreover, the 38-watt motor generates efficient outcomes. The tower fan has an airflow control regulator along with the swing button. Mounting on the wall or horizontal placement features make this fan more convenient.

What's Good

  • Ideal tower fan for cramped places like kitchen room.
  • The mini-tower fan is lightweight & handy.
  • It produces less noise while functioning.
  • Easier to clean with removable filters.
  • 2 years of warranty.

What's Bad

  • Only for personal use.
  • Air throw distance is minimum.


4. Honeywell Quiet Set Cooling Tower Fan

Cooling tower fans

The Honeywell tower fan comes with a dc motor rather than an ac motor. It allows it to consume less electricity while functioning. It works great as a personal tower fan.

Main features:

  • Compact,slimmer & portable.
  • Precise breeze airflow.
  • Extra 50% energy saver.
  • 4 speed Quite set control.
  • Swing control.
  • Auto-off timer.

The Honeywell tower fan is ideal for your bedroom. Its 4 Quiet set control mode allows it to personalize according to you. Switch to sleep or white noise to get minimal air circulation while sleeping. At the office or during work time you can use refresh or power cool mode to get more airflow.

Moreover, the auto shut off feature allows you to set the functioning time for 2,4,6 or 8hrs. Also, the one-tap oscillation feature circulates the air in every direction.

What's Good

  • Highly portable can be carried outside.
  • Slimmer than any other tower fan in this range.
  • DC motor implementation makes it more energy efficient.
  • Four noise control modes.

What's Bad

  • Less airflow distance.
  • Personalized tower fan.
  • Build quality can be a little better.

5. Bajaj Snowvent Tower Fan (Cool Grey)

Cooling tower fans

Bajaj Electrical is one of the leading consumer products and EPC companies in India. Its Bajaj Snowvent Tower fan is convenient for medium to big size rooms.

Main features:

  • Sturdy stable tower fan.
  • Corrosion resistive material.
  • Lightweight & portable.
  • Powerful airflow delivery up to 3o ft.
  • Three airflow speed variations.

Bajaj Snowvent is built with thermoplastic material which makes it lightweight and durable. The tower fan comes with a 150w powerful motor. Its breeze airflow gives you relief during summer days.

What's Good

  • Ideal tower fan for your room.
  • Long-distance airflow with swing mode to cover every single corner of your room.
  • Innovative speed control capability.
  • 2 years of warranty.

What's Bad

  • It produces noise in high power mode.
  • Consumes more power.

Cooling Tower Fans vs Air Coolers vs Table Fans:

Tower Fans:

Cooling tower fansThe Cooling tower fans are long and narrow in size, looks quite similar to the Air coolers. But don’t get mixed up with them. Air Cooler & Tower fans both have their different features. Generally, the tower fans generate breeze air at a 90° angle, allow to flow the of air in wider areas. Most of the tower fans are Bladeless. However, the impeller blades are covered with a shield for the tower fans having fan blades. So, these fans are also safer for kids.

Also, the airflow of the cooling tower fans is straight forward. This feature makes these fans convenient for your kitchen. As ceiling fans cover a wider area they cause a disturbance in the gas flame. While the tower fans help you to cook without any interruption in the high humid atmosphere. However, the tower fans don’t have any water reservoir like Air Cooler. So, it can’t produce the same cooling as an Air Cooler.

But anyway, the cooling tower fans are more energy-efficient than Air Coolers. Moreover, these fans are lightweight & portable. They can be placed anywhere in your room. Also, the new modern designs of the fans add decent value to your room and give you a robust feeling. Among all the good features the tower fans are a little bit noisy. But, I think it doesn’t matter when you can grab these fans at a low cost.

Air Coolers:

Air Coolers stimulate cool air through the water evaporation techniques. This means they absorb as much as heat from the dry air, So, the water can vapor. The Air Cooler can significantly reduce the humidity level of your room if used for an adequate time. These devices can offer more cool air than cooling tower fans or table fans. But also consumes more energy than fans.

However, Air Coolers are inexpensive and can be an alternative to air conditioners. Desert air cooler and room air cooler are the two variants of an air cooler.

Desert Air Cooler: This type of air cooler generally installed outside of windows and functions as an exhauster. The cooling capacity of this air cooler is much better than the room air coolers. However, these coolers need more space and power to operate.

Room Air Cooler: The Room air cooler is more energy-efficient and fits better inside your room. Normally, it placed upon a moving trolley that offers you portability. However, the room air coolers are less powerful and generate less cooling than the desert air coolers.

Table Fans:

Table fans are often used during hot summer days. These types of fans come with numerous size variations. The main advantages of the table fans are that the table fans are easy to carry and can be used anywhere. Usually, the table fan rotates its fan blades using a motor to generate airflow. However, its blades are covered by a solid net for safety purposes. ‘

Also, these fans have a metal stand which assists the fans to swing its head. The airflow area of table fans is limited. Table fans are only preferred for small room & generally fits with one person. However, these fans consume minor energy compared to tower fans or ceiling fans. But the table fans are also noisy.

Cooling Tower Fans – Buying Guide:

So, we believe that you have gone through every single tower fan reviews above & further want to purchase one. But wait, we’ll guide you more to select the best suitable tower fans for your home. Let’s check out the points below. So, the factors that you must check are –

1. Size & Design: Choosing the right sized tower fan is always recommended. It can save some free spaces for your room. Furthermore, a compact-sized tower fan gets fitted in any corner of your room. So, it doesn’t seem unusual to outsiders. Also, the modern designs of cooling tower fans look more worthwhile, make your room delightful.

2. Motor Power: There are lots of tower fans available in the market with a different power capacity. You may find tower fans having the power capability below 50 watts, as well as higher than 150 watts. A more powerful motor can induce more airflow compared to a low wattage motor while consuming more electricity. However, it also depends on your usages.

3. Airflow & Swing Control: A cooling tower fan must-have modes to control the airflow. It allows you to set the speed of air according to your requirements. In this way, you can minimize your electricity bills. Usually, tower fans deliver air at a 90° angle. However, the swing feature allows the tower fans to oscillate at 360° & creates a wider breezing space.

4. Bladeless: In my opinion, you must choose a bladeless tower fan because of its extra advantages. A bladeless fan comes with a brush motor rather than fan blades. It makes the fan safer for your kids. Also, bladeless fans are less noisy and save more energy.

5. Noise: The fans produce some noise at high speed. However, most of the tower fans come with noise reduction technology. Like bladeless tower fans are typically quiet as I mentioned before.

6. Warranty: You can’t skip this point while purchasing a new cooling tower fan. Warranty matters a lot for every electronics product. For the tower fans, two years warranty is considerable.

Also, you can look for Bluetooth enabled tower fans. Generally, these fans come with LED displays and can be handled using your smartphone through an app.

Cooling Tower Fans-(FAQ):

Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions while buying a cooling tower fan. We think you’ll also find your queries here. If not, comment below, we’ll reply to you as soon as possible.

1. Can I add water to this tower fan?

It is a simple fan, not an Air Cooler. So, no water reservoir is available in tower fans.

2. Does it produce air like a Cooler?

No, it can’t. Because there are no water vaporization technique features in the tower fans. However, it produces a pleasing breeze air.

3. How much energy do the tower fans consume?

Generally, the tower fans come with a minimum of 75-watt power capacity. It is noticed that a tower fan spent 2 units of charge while working for 16 hours.

4. How to clean the tower fans?

The tower fans are super easy to clean. Simply unplug the fan and clean the dust with a vacuum brush or dust brush. You can also use blowing compressed air to clean the insider dust.

5. Do tower fans have wheels?

In general, the tower fans do not come with wheels. But you can buy a trolley to make the fan further portable.

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