Best Detergent For Woolen Clothes India 2022(Also known as Fabric Washer)

Never use the laundry detergent on your woolen clothes!!!

These regular detergents consist of bleaching & other add-on ingredients, which are not suitable for woolen clothes. It lessens the shine & makes your garments look rough or older. Besides, after repeated washing, you can end up with torn or fuzzy clothes.

So, there come a few liquid detergents, especially for woolen items. These liquids can precisely diminish the tough stains from the flimsy fabric without compensating with the color and quality.

But what will be the Best liquid washer for your clothes? Hence, after thoroughgoing research, I’ve picked the top 10 liquid detergents for your delicate fabrics to prevent them from being fragile.

Best Liquid Detergents for Woolen clothes

1. Genteel Liquid Detergent – Pack of 2

What can be more exciting if you get twice the price of a single? The Godrej Genteel liquid detergent offers the same quantity, relatively cheaper than others.

Its No Soda solution preserves the smoothness of your fabrics as well the natural colors. Wherever you’re using your hands or the washing machine, the liquid provides equal effectiveness.

The after-wash fragrance is not that strong, also can say neutral. However, you can use fabric softeners for good fragrance.

Besides, the liquid produces fewer lathers, perfect for a front load washing machine. Also, for being thicker, only a small amount is needed per wash.

What's Good

  • Reasonable price.
  • Comes in (1+1)kg pack.
  • Mild soap fragrance.
  • Thicker consistency.
  • No soda formula. Washing machine friendly.
  • Easy to carry & pour.

What's Bad

  • Less quantity in the bottle.

2. Godrej Ezee Liquid Detergent – Winterwear

I’m not a big fan of Godrej. However, amazed by the effectiveness of the Ezee Liquid Detergent since using it. Honestly, I can say it’s one of the best liquid detergents for your winter clothes.

The Woolmark approved liquid offers 5x smoother results than the regular detergents. Unlike the Genteel, Ezee doesn’t contain soda or bleaching, keeps your clothes like new forever, Wherever, the fabric is rayon, cotton or, delicate wool.

It does have a pleasing fragrance, not so strong or light. The liquid thickness is also perfect and suitable for washing machines. So, sustaining shine and preventing unusual shrinking get easier now.

What's Good

  • Offers 5x smoother results than regular detergents.
  • Works on all kinds of fabrics. Neutral PH formula is used.
  • Pleasing fragrance and thick consistency.
  • Most suitable for your winter clothes.
  • Guaranteed by thousands of households.
  • Comes with an extra refill along with the bottle.

What's Bad

  • Gets stinky some times,

3. Wipro Safewash Woolen Liquid Detergent

The Safewash liquid detergent is a little bit underrated, as new to the market. But after getting comprehensive results, I can say that it’s a value for money product.

For top-loading washing machine users, the liquid detergent is a great choice. Its unique PH formulation gives a gentle and effective wash to your delicate garments.

Besides, the Safewash detergent is loaded with advanced conditioners, preserves the colors of your clothes, and keeps them soft & fluffy. You only need 1/2 cup liquid to exclude germs and stains from the woolen clothes.

As the liquid is enriched with neem, it has a delicate scent, which exhibits on your clothes after washing. The thickness amount is also perfect, not dense like the Ariel Matic.

What's Good

  • New but effective.
  • Best for top-loading washing machines.
  • Enriched with the goodness of neem.
  • Decent scent with a perfect amount of thickness.
  • Advanced conditioner to maintain the fluffy and softness.
  • Retains shines and remove germs.

What's Bad

  • The cup size is big. So, needs more liquid relatively others.

4. Love & Care Soft Woollens Expert Care Wash Liquid Detergent

Wool is a natural protein and always needs to care gently for a long life. So, Love & Care Soft Woolen is specially designed to take care of your sensitive clothes.

With the recommendation of experts like Manish Malhotra, the fabric washer leaves no doubt about its efficacy. It doesn’t consist of bleaching and enzymes, which makes zero damage to the fiber.

Honestly, I felt the real softness after washing the woolen clothes with Love & care Soft woolens. The wool doesn’t get shrunk or lose its natural colors. Even the sweaters feel like they just arrived from the shop.

Besides, What I most liked about the fabric washer is the fragrance. It smells like a soft aroma, which is generally very intense. So, Be careful your house is going to be exploded with a luscious scent.

What's Good

  • Recommended by Manish Malhotra.
  • Best way to soften woolen clothes and retain the shine,
  • No bleaching or enzymes is used.
  • Low lathering. Good for washing machine.
  • Very intense pleasing scent.
  • Needs a very small amount to wash.

What's Bad

  • Costly than others.

5. IFB Essentials Fluff Front Load Fabric Detergent


Another best liquid washer for woolen clothes, but made up with unique compounds.

The IFB Essentials Fluff has the perfect amount of alkaline, which not only holds the softness but also prevents your wools from fading up. Your woolen items will shine even after 15 to 20 washes since it’s no phosphate & bleaching formulation.

However, I’ve noticed that the fluff detergent doesn’t work well on tough stains. You may have to use some regular detergents to remove the stains. Also, the new absurd design of the cap causes leakage while pouring.

Nevertheless, there is no complaining about the scent. The scent retains as well after washing. But the per wash cost is expensive compared to the rest.

What's Good

  • Low alkalinity. Bleach and phosphate-free.
  • Both works on front-load & top-load washing machine.
  • Produces little foams, good for fabrics.
  • Decent fragrance.
  • Keeps your clothes soft and shiny.
  • Preserve colors.

What's Bad

  • The cost per wash is expensive.
  • Soft on tough stains.

6. PERSIL liquid silk & wool liquid detergent.

Lastly and the most costly fabric washer on my list, The Persil liquid is a gentle fabric washer for silk, wool, and lingerie.

For the skin sensitive people, the washing liquid is a convenient choice. Its non-bio formulation removes the tough stains from your fabrics and does the hard work for you. Besides, it leaves your clothes with a long-lasting and fresh aroma.

From my experience, the Persil liquid works best on silk fabrics. You may say that the liquid washer is expensive, but in my opinion, it comes within a competitive price range.

However, many supermarkets have stopped stocking this fabric washer, but you pick it up from Amazon.

What's Good

  • Washing machine friendly.
  • Works on silk, woolen, lingerie.
  • The non-bio formulation for sensitive skin.
  • Divine fragrance.
  • Tough on stains.

What's Bad

  • Costly according to the quantity.


While washing clothes using liquid detergents, you also have to dye and properly store them to increase longevity. Also, use a brush or fabric shaver to clean fluffs or lint, as washing the delicate fabrics frequently is not a good idea.

Lastly, always try to use a Woolmark-approved liquid detergent. In India, only Godrej Ezee liquid comes into this category. However, you can try other detergents also as well.

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