Best Digital Table Clocks in India(2022)

Digital Table Clocks are the upgraded version of old table clocks. These table clocks have enough potential to restore their necessity. Once, there was a time when there was no smartphone. Generally, we used to set alarms on our traditional alarm clocks.

However, In the area of the smartphone, they just get vanished. Both for time and alarms we start using our smartphone. So, the new table clocks are introduced with digital features to compete in this market. The new digital table clocks have enormous features like smart light, night mode, snooze mode, temperature sight, and furthermore.

Best Digital Table Clocks in India


1. Ajanta Quartz Plastic Digital Table Alarm Clock

digital table clocks

Ajanta Quartz is one of the most popular brands in the category of clocks since 1971. Its digital table alarm clock a lot of features. So, let’s on them.

Main features:

  • Smart backlight function with the sensor.
  • Large display & Fonts.
  • Temperature and calendar functionality.
  • Variety sounds of alarm.
  • 12/24 Hours time format.

While it comes to designing, Ajanta Quartz digital table clock has a very basic simple design, makes it convenient for any room. The plastic build table clock has sensors to control the light intensity as well as to attain the current temperature. Also, It is easier to remember the birthdays with its birthday reminder feature. The table clock can be set in like AM/PM or 24 hours format. It also requires three AAA batteries to work on.

What's Good

  • Multi-feature digital table clock.
  • Night light mode helps to check the time in the dark.
  • It also works as a birthday reminder.

What's Bad

  • Digits are only can be seen from a straight view.
  • The temp sensor is not up to mark


2. Case Plus Digital Alarm Table Clock

digital table clocks

The Case Plus Digital Table clock has a modern stylish design with a shinning look. The table clock is a perfect choice for heavy sleepers because of its advanced alarm functionality. It makes the table clock convenient for your bedroom. 

Main features:

  • Large display with bold fonts.
  • Smart backlight feature.
  • Night mode.
  • Date & temperature visibility.
  • Intelligent alarm mode.

The Digital alarm clock comes with a reasonable display. It measures around 5inch wider and 3inch longer which provides you a great visual experience. Moreover, the smart backlight works great both day & night.

The table clock is multifunctional. You can use it as a calendar. It also shows the indoor temperature on the screen.
It has like 7 options available at the back to set/reset all the features. The alarm clock needs 3AAA batteries to operate.

The intelligent alarm of the table clock is awesome. You can snooze it by just tapping on the top of the clock. After every interval, the alarm sound gets louder which helps you to wake up in time.

What's Good

  • A great choice for heavy sleepers.
  • Large display and fonts are visible from far away.
  • The lit mode at night saves power.
  • Convenient alarm feature.

What's Bad

  • Required three AAA batteries.
  • No timer feature is available.


3. Figment Digital LED Table Clock

digital table clocks

The new Figment Digital clock is a masterpiece. First of all, it has an immersive crystal clear design. Also, the table clock comes with plentiful features.

Main features:

  • Mirror table clock.
  • 2-ways of power supply(USB & Battery.)
  • Different temperature modes.
  • Smart alarm with snooze function.
  • 12/24 Hours time format.

Now you can use your table clock as a mirror. Just switch the display status to off and its reflecting material will work as a glass. Moreover, you don’t need to think about batteries as it works with electricity. Here you can change the temperature unit between C or F. Also, the clock can be set in different time formats.

However, it doesn’t have the date feature. At night the clock dims at night automatically. The alarm clock has one tap snooze function. The alarm sound gets louder after every 5 minutes to wake you up.

What's Good

  • Portable, can be used as a mirror.
  • USB supply feature. ( It does not charge the batteries.)
  • Two brightness variations.
  • Easy to set up.

What's Bad

  • Date feature not available.


4. Anvera Digital Square Shape Color Changing Alarm Table Clock (White)

digital table clocks

The digital table clock from Anvera is more than a simple digital clock. You can say it an RGB Digital clock. The gorgeous LED colors enhance the grace of your room.

Main features:

  • Cube-shape color changing table clock.
  • Six color variations.
  • Day, Date, time & temperature measure functionality.
  • Loud alarm clock.
  • 12/24 hours time format.

The digital table clock comes with a large display with bigger fonts. So, the digits are visible from far away. Children mostly like this clock because of its engaging features. Like the other digital clock, it has also the same features. However, it requires 4 AAA batteries to glow on.

The alarm feature of the table clock is also remarkable. You can set the alarm easily with the help of the buttons. The music quality is also decent of this table clock.

What's Good

  • Looks great both in your office or room.
  • The colors enhance your mood.
  • Large square display size.

What's Bad

  • More power required to light up the table clock.


5. ADTALA Colorful Projection Digital Clock

Here is another great table clock for your kids. The ADLATA digital table clock not only shows the time but also can project it on the ceiling.

Main features:

  • 7 LED colors for projecting/night mode.
  • An LCD display shows time.
  • Time, date and alarm visibility.
  • Snooze function.
  • 12/24 hours format.

In spite of the projector, the oval-shaped digital clock comes with a small display that shows the time. It has also the date visibility feature. The projector works fine and project stars, time with 7 color variations. Moreover, It has also added the alarm feature with snooze capability. The table clock is value for money product.

What's Good

  • The looks are very attractive.
  • Dedicated switch to project.
  • Gives the sky effect.
  • The projected time looks pretty.
  • Kids like this clock.

What's Bad

  • It requires more powerful batteries.
  • No temperature sensor.

6. Siddhi Collection Pen Holder LED Digital LCD Alarm Clock

Can anyone think of a pen holder that shows time? Yes, the Siddhi Collection Pen Holder LCD alarm clock is a digital clock cum pen holder. Let’s go through the features of it.

Main features:

  • Digital clock with pen holder compartment
  • Large Display.
  • High-quality plastic material.
  • Day, Date, time & temperature visibility.
  • Loud alarm clock.

The pen holder is built with high-quality plastic material. So, you don’t have to think about its durability. Also, the pen compartment is enough big to hold three remotes in it. The display size is also decent. Afterward, It has all the features of a digital clock must-have.

What's Good

  • Great choice office or students.
  • Smart backlight visible at night.
  • Enough size of the holder.
  • Easy to use.

What's Bad

  • No negative opinions.


7. ZHENGTU Modern Digital Led Table/Wall Hanging Alarm Clock

digital table clocks

The Digital led table/wall clock comes with different looks. It looks like a seven-segment display that can be hanged on a wall or placed on the table.

Main features:

  • Unique stylish design.
  • Three brightness intensity level.
  • Date, time, temperature feature.
  • Alarm clock integration.
  • Works on electricity.

The alarm clock has no battery input option as it works only with electricity. It has three brightness levels which are high, mid, and dark.

What's Good

  • Value for money.
  • It can be used as a table or wall clock.
  • Automatic brightness changing feature.
  • A great choice for home or office.

What's Bad

  • It works only with electricity.

  • No battery functionality.

How to choose the best digital table clocks?

Let’s check out the details provided below to choose a table clock wisely –

Material: The material of the clock should be of high quality and strong. It makes the clock sturdy and durable.

Display: The display size of the clock should be enough so that the digit can be seen from a minimum distance. Moreover, bold fonts add additional visibility. However, the display size is not applicable to all table clocks.

Smart backlight: There should be a night light feature mode for dark. It helps you to see the time at night as well as saves power. Moreover, now many digital table clocks have different colors of light which make your mood glorious.

General Features: The table clock must come with general features like date, time, temperature visibility. Also, the alarm sound should be loud and of decent quality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. Do the table clocks are rechargeable?

The table clocks are not rechargeable. You have to exchange it with new batteries. However, some digital table clocks come with a USB power supply option that can replace the batteries.

2. Does the brightness automatically get changed?

Ok. Some of the digital clocks have the feature while others don’t have. In this situation, you have to manually change the brightness level.

3. Can we listen to music on this digital clock?

No. It doesn’t have any music playing features. But some the product like Sony has FM on their digital alarm clock.

4. How to set the alarm?

There will be a manual to use. each and every feature of the clock.

5. Does the temperature measurement is accurate?

Mostly the digital clocks do not provide accurate results. However, they show nearby temperatures of your indoor room only.

6. How long the Digital Clocks last?

As most of the digital clocks are made of Chinese companies, they will last average. But if you use it properly it can be a long runner.


So, In our opinion, the Ajanta Quartz and the Case Plus digital table alarm clock will be convenient for your room as well as on the office desk. For your kids, you can go for Anvera color changing and Siddhi Collection pen holder digital clock.

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