Best Digital Weighing Machine Under 1000

Best Digital Weighing Machine Under 1000 In India

Are you feeling a little overweight? or just excited to see how much weight you’ve loose after a few days of workout?

Don’t worry now you can measure your body weight also at home. The new Digital Weighing machines can effortlessly tell your exact body weight within a few seconds. The weighing machines for home use are best for those who feel insecure while checking their weight.

Here I’ve picked a few best weighing machines from Amazon according to their rating and consumer reports. It will help you find the best compact digital weighing machine for your general purposes.




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Hoffen HO-18 Digital Personal  Weighing Scale

Compact & Lighweight

Healthgenie Digital weighing machine,with USB charging 

Keep Motivated

Adofys Eb07 Weighing Machines For Body Weight

Brightest Screen

Venus EPS-2001 Electronic Weight Machine

Attractive Looks

Pointrek Electronic Digital LCD Personal Weight Machine

Premium Design

Before using the digital weight machine, please do calibrate it. First, take a step and measure weight. Afterward, take back your step, and wait for the display to switch off.

Also, measure weight only on flat surfaces. Try the device in a few different places in your room. It’s obvious if the scale shows you a different measurement for the same object.

In this case, you have to use the device a few times more in different places to make it calibrated. Nevertheless, if the accuracy varies, then keep the weight machine in a fixed spot.

Best Digital Weighing Machine Under 1000 In India

1. Hoffen HO-18 Digital Personal Body Weighing Scale

The Hoffman comes to the top of the list, having more than 8K positive reviews on Amazon. The precise digital weight machine is manufactured in India(Ace corporation) and can measure up to 2.3 – 180kgs.

It uses high-precision strain gauge sensors for weighing. The segment display automatically blinks up whenever you put any object upon the device. Also, after removing it, the LED display gets switched off automatically after a few seconds.

Thus, the digital scale also saves your battery life so far. However, it only requires two AAA batteries to work.

Besides, the tempered glass also helps to save the front side from short damages. Additionally, the digital scale shows current temperature, low battery indication, and overloading warning through the LED display.


  • Compact & lightweight.
  • Brighter display with clear fonts
  • Perfect accuracy, if used properly.
  • Inbuilt strain gauge and temp sensors.
  • Durable
  • One year warranty & six months of conditional warranty.


  • Small LED display.

2. Healthgenie Digital weighing machine, with USB charging

The Heathgenie India Private Limited brings the perfect digital scale for the gym-going fellows. The ‘Never quit’ quotes always help you keep motivated whenever you stand on the digital scale.

The digital weight machine comes with a couple of extra features. Firstly, it’s powered by a rechargeable 3V Lithium Polymer battery, so you don’t have to change batteries often. You can recharge the device with a simple mobile charger or even with laptop USB ports.

Besides, the digital scale is compact and lightweight, fits anywhere because of the anti-skid base, especially in the bathroom. Also, the round edges help to prevent accidental injuries. You can measure anything between 100g to 180kg (or pounds) with the machine. For overloading, it shows a warning.

Unlike the previous one, the Healthgenie digital scale comes with tempered glass for damage protection. Apart, it also displays current temperature and low battery indication.


  • Compact & lightweight.
  • Large LCD screen with Anti-Skid base
  • Rechargeable using USB chargers.
  • Auto on/off & weight calibration.
  • Accurate readings.
  • One year warranty.


  • Delicate tempered glass.
  • Shows faulty results sometimes.

3. Adofys Eb07 Weighing Machines For Body Weight 

The Adofys digital scale is known for durability, as it comes with a 6mm tempered glass, which saves the scale from any type of damages.

The auto-calibrated weight scale provides you reliable reading with the help of four G-sensors. It also has an option to switch between kgs & pounds while checking the weight. Unlike the other scale, the Adofys digital weighing machine comes with the same range of weighing capability.

However, It’s less expensive compared to others.

The large blue LED-backlit screen is enough bright to use also in daylight. Besides, the bigger white fonts make the readings clearly visible from a decent gap.

It also requires two AAA batteries to make it functional and alerts you on low battery condition. But the best thing is that the device displays the battery life on the screen, like a smartphone. So, you can have a clear thought of when to change batteries.

Lastly, the weight machine is lightweight and a little large compared to the Hoffen HO-18. Apart, it does have all the general features like temp measurement, auto on/off or, overload warning.


  • Auto-calibration is available.
  • Lightweight, durable and comes with round edges.
  • Battery life indicator.
  • Fine & accurate.
  • Large & bright blue LCD screen.
  • Different measuring units.
  • Six months of warranty.


  • No critical issues.

4. Venus EPS-2001 Electronic Body Fitness Weighing Machine 

If you’re looking for the cheapest digital weighing machine in India, then the Venus EPS-2001 is perfect for you. The digital scale comes in purple and red color variants and super compact and lightweight in size.

The device has a glossy look, but the corner finishes are not that great. Also, the tempered looks a little delicate. Nevertheless, the unique features & price of the scale overshadows the cons.

It also can measure up to 180kgs and, the lower range is around 2-3kgs. Afterward, it displays ERR on the LCD display. Moreover, the rest features are the same as the Hoffen personal bodyweight machine.

The good part is that you can switch the units to kg/lb/st before measuring. Also, the Indian product provides two years of warranty.


  • Compact & lightweight.
  • Glossy look & available in two colors.
  • Decent brightness.
  • Unit changing feature.(kg/lb/st)
  • Two years of warranty


  • Accuracy is not up to mark.
  • Not that durable.

5. Pointrek Electronic Digital Weighing Scale (V) Grey

Lastly, the Pointrek electronic digital weighing scale comes with an attractive design. The entire device is grey colored, which is rounded with yellow lines, giving the digital scale a premium look.

Now coming to features, the Pointrek digital scale works with two 1.5V AAA batteries, shows the current battery life on the screen. Also, it gives you a low battery indication of battery damage.

The black-colored LCD screen is enough large and displays light blue digits, which can be seen from a distance. However, the brightness is a little dim of the digital weighing machine.

Far from that, it shows up to two decimal values to give you proper accurate readings. Besides, it does also provide room temperature, unlike the others, including all the general features.

The digital scale is medium-sized, comes with two batteries and, also it’s an Indian product. However, no warranty has been mentioned for the product.


  • Attractive design.
  • Lightweight and medium-sized.
  • Accurate reading up to two decimal values.
  • Large LCD screen and clear digits.
  • Battery life indication.


  • Warranty not mentioned,
  • Flimsy.

The upside of digital weighing machines:

It’s great if you’ve already decided to purchase a digital weighing machine. But if you’re still confused then, you’re might be unaware of the great features.

  • The digital weighing machines are compact, lightweight, and portable.
  • They do have a premium look.
  • The weighing machines mostly provide accurate results because of their high accuracy sensors.
  • It comes with tempered glass to the front, which makes the device more durable.
  • Besides, the machines only require two AAA batteries to work. The LED display also automatically switches on/off, which saves your battery life.
  • Also, it gives you a low battery indication.

Apart from that, the digital weighing machine also shows the current temperature through the segment display, and lastly, the machines are less expensive and can be afforded by anyone.

However, the weighing machines have their limitation. You can only measure any object that weighs between 5-180kg. Besides, the devices are modeled to measure human body weight. So, humans should only measure bodyweight with this.

Buying Guide – Digital Weighing machines:

Is it compact or not?

Make sure that the digital scale you’re going to purchase is compact. Being a compact device, it’ll help you save some space at your home. Also, it makes the weighing machine lightweight, suitable for portability.

Check the Weighing Capacity

The most important feature to check in your digital weighing machine. Most digital scales can measure up to 180kg in weight. But you should have to put anything above 5kg to get the measurement. As the devices don’t work with objects that are less than five kgs.

The LED display size

A large display is always better for the digital scale, but it makes the bulky and large. However, the large display shows more decimal values compared to smaller ones.

Besides, the font size also varies from the small display. So, if you wanna get the most accurate result, go with the large monitor.

Weighing units & temperature

Nearly all the digital scales do have the ability to measure the temperature. It shows on the display whenever the device gets on. Besides, a few weighing machines also offer different measuring units like pound/kgs. However, it’s not a big deal.


The measurement of your digital weighing machine has to be accurate. Otherwise, it’ll be just a useless device. It’s a little bit difficult to find the most accurate digital scale online. However, you can make a purchase from our list. We have researched properly about the digital weighing machines, so you don’t have to worry about the accuracy.

Frequently asked questions(FAQ):

1. Which digital weighing machine is best?

The Hoffen HO-18 Personal Body Fitness Weighing Scale is the best digital weighing machine, both from the aspect of affordability & features. It’s compact, lightweight, and can measure up to 180 kg, starting from 5 kgs.

2. Are digital weighing machines accurate?

The digital weighing machines provide the most accurate readings with the help of the G-sensors. Besides, they also do have temp sensors to measure the current temperature of the surroundings.

3. Which weighing scale is the most accurate digital or analog?

When it comes to accuracy, digital weighing machines are said to be more accurate. The analog weighing devices use spring to measure the weight, and the spring may get loose over time. But the digital scales calculate your weight using inbuilt sensors, provides you reliability.

4. What is the price of digital weight machines?

Most of the precise digital scales come within 800-1500 INR. However, you’re finding a cheap one, then you can also avail the weighing machines for less than 500 INR.

5. What is the weighing capacity of digital scales?

The digital scales come with a weighing capacity range of 5-180kg. You can measure yourself, or any object’s weight lies between this range.

6. Does it works on an electric cord?

No. The devices only work with two AAA batteries. The lifecycle of the batteries varies according to your usages. However, the digital scale functions properly for up to a few months with the batteries.

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