8 Best Dish Drying Rack In India 2022 (For Wet Vessels)

The dish drying racks, sometimes also called dish drainers – are great companions for your kitchen utensils. With the help of the racks, you can keep all your utensils and crockery in an organized way till they get dried. Afterward, you can put them inside the cupboard.

The dish drainers are one of the simplest appliances in our kitchen. However, it slightly becomes confusing while choosing the best dish drying rack, as plenty of options are available in the market.

But, I have already picked and reviewed the best dish drying racks in this article. So, you don’t have to bother yourself to find the best dish drainers.

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Embassy Stainless Steel Dish Drainer

A convenient dish rack for big families of more than four members. Extremely durable and Handy.

Sevvy 3-Tier Dish Drying Rack

Offers you more space in your compact kitchen. A decent pick for this price range.

Amazon Solimo Plastic Dish DrainerWoolen Clothes

Amazon's in-house brand. A great low-cost and space-saving choice for small families..  

Best Dish Drying Rack In India 2021:

Primarily, steel and glass – these are the couple of materials you can see on a dish drying rack. A few of them also come with two or three shelves, which increases their storage capacity. Each of the drying racks has benefits along with shortcomings. I have discussed them briefly in the guide section of this article.

For now, let’s move towards the review section…

1. Plantex High-Grade Stainless Steel Dish Drainer Basket

best dish drying rack in india

Plantex is one of the best stainless steel dish drying racks for your kitchen. The premium and export dish drainer comes in four different sizes with having an attractive mirror finish on each of them.

For being large, the dish rack allows you to store wet vessels of more than six adults. Also, you can hang spoons & cutlery on the side of it. Overall, the dish drainer convenient for any big family.

Besides, the innovative design gives the rack more durability compared to the rest. It has a highly dense wire nest, welded pretty close to each other to provide superior strength. Also, the double-wired circular support makes the particular appliance extremely tough.

Apart from all, it comes with plastic-coated handles, which provide you a better grip while lifting the drying rack on wet hands.

Brand: Plantex
Material: Stainless Steel
Size: 64 x 47 x 20 cm
Weight: 2.7 KGs
Color: Silver


  • Large, available in different sizes.
  • Attractive mirror finish.
  • Densely wired welding for better durability.
  • Double wired circular support.
  • Lifted base for better drainage.
  • Plastic coated grip to ease mobility.


  • Joints catch rust on long use.

2. Embassy Dish Drying Rack with Drip Tray

Best Dish Drying Rack In India
If you’re searching for a dish rack that comes with a drip tray, then the Embassy dish drainer is the ideal solution for you. Though it’s slightly expensive than the rest of the dish drainers, it worth the price.

As far as I know, Embassy uses an identical welding mechanism as Plantex. So, there will be no issue in durability. Also, on long use, I haven’t noticed rust on the dish drying rack.

Embassy dish drainer comes in two different sizes, and both offer you a free drip tray. So, it saves your kitchen from getting messed with spillage water.

On the design front, it has nothing new to show. However, I’m impressed with its non-scratching mechanisms. The tiny four plastic grips on the legs prevent your countertop from getting scratched accidentally.

Apart from all, few shortcomings of the Embassy dish drainer are that it misses the plastic-coated handles. Also, we feel that the drip tray should be a little wider on all sides. As water dripping from the hanging items falls on the kitchen countertop.

Brand: Embassy
Material: Stainless Steel
Size: 62 x 47 x 25 cm
Weight: 2.7 KGs
Color: Silver


  • Available in large size.
  • Super durable and rust-proof.
  • Comes with a drip tray to avoid spillage.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Not a budget choice.
  • It doesn’t come with plastic-coated handles.

3. Amazon Brand – Solimo Plastic Dish Drainer

best dish drying rack in indiaIn the plastic categories, Amazon Solimo is the best dish drying rack in India. It has more than 80% positive reviews on Amazon.

The medium-sized dish drying rack is made of high-quality propylene, which ensures its toughness and durability. Yet, while using, we feel that the dish rack should be a little harder.

However, it costs half of the steel dish drainers.

The particular dish drying rack from Amazon only comes with a single size variant & color(blue). But, it provides you a detachable drip tray and an extra mug for keeping spoons separately inside the rack.

Besides, the slanting bottom surface of the tray makes a clear passage for dripped water. So, putting the dish drying rack near your kitchen basin eases your cleaning task.

Brand: Amazon Solimo
Material: Plastic
Size: 14 X 20 Inches
Weight: Around 2 kgs
Color: Blue


  • Economical choice.
  • Durable PP Plastic.
  • Comes with a drip tray and an extra mug.
  • Can be used as a basket.
  • Decent for small families.


  • No size variations available.
  • Should be a little more sturdy.

4. ARISTO Lenovo Plastic Kitchen Organizer & Dish Drying Rack

best dish drying rackIf you’ve limited space in your kitchen with a bunch of utensils, then the Aristo Plastic Dish rack can help you properly store them.

It’s cheap and comes with two shelves for storing plates, cutleries & other utensils. Besides, Aristo has also included a drip tray with the rack. Its upper shelf is partitioned into two parts – One side for plates and the rest is for keeping spoons and small utensils.

One thing I loved about the upper shelf is, twelve individual rooms are provided for the plates. So, your ceramic or glass dishes remain intact inside, also if you shifting the dish racks to another place.

However, during the portability test, we have noticed that the dish rack tends to bend while loaded with appliances. Also, they should extend the gap a bit between the lower shelf & the drip tray.

Brand: Aristo
Material: Plastic
Size: 45 x 28 x 26 cms
Weight: 880 gms
Color: Variable


  • Double-decker dish drying rack.
  • Made with high-quality food-grade material.
  • Extra rooms for mini utensils.
  • Comes with a drip tray.
  • Convenient for small kitchen, office, and room.


  • Not so sturdy.
  • Few times they send different color products.

5. SEVVY Dish Rack 3-Tier Dish Drainer For Kitchen

best dish drying rack in indiaOur next dish drying rack comes with a modern design and three shelves as storage. It’s entirely built of durable steel except for the water tray.

The best thing I noticed about the dish drying is that all parts are detachable. So, being a compact one, it is also a great space saver. Moreover, every floor has a drawer-type water tray, which protects your lower shelves from getting soggy.

On the design front, the Sevvy dish drying offers you an elegant look and chrome-plated body color. Besides, the handles and drip trays are colored in shiny black. Despite being made of steel, the dish drainer is relatively lighter in weight if we compare it to the single-shelve racks.

For storage, the three-tier dish drainer is more than enough for your utensils. Except for the shelves, the hooks on the side can hold up to 6 cups/glasses or forks.

The overall quality of this product is good, but it does start rusting after few months. However, we noticed that the handles reside in good condition, mainly for the coated paint.

Brand: Sevvy
Material: Steel and PP plastic
Size: 48.3 x 24.4 x 54.6 cm.
Weight: 2.5 Kgs
Color: Silver with black handles.


  • 3-Tier best dish drying rack in India.
  • Durable, used chrome plated for stability.
  • Comes with a water tray.
  • Each part is detachable, provides more space.
  • Perfectly fits in the kitchen sink. So, you don’t have to manually clean the water tray.
  • Convenient for every type of kitchen.


  • Not rust proof.
  • Expensive.

6. Home Creations 4 Layer Stainless Steel Modern Kitchen Organizer

One more space-saving dish drying rack is the Home Creation is 4-tier stainless steel modern kitchen organizer. It’s best for those who are currently living in a rented house.

Like most of the multiple shelves dish drainers, it also comes in parts. You have to assemble the parts manually using the given screws. It allows you to install the dish rack on the wall permanently. Yet, you can also keep it on the kitchen countertop.

Though the Home Creations dish drying rack is compact, it provides you ample amount of space for storing kitchen utensils. Besides, each shelf of the rack is equally divided. On the top shelf, a few cells are made for the plates. However, the cells can’t accommodate small breakfast plates for being large.

As built of stainless steel, it looks quite sturdy but lacks a proper finish. Also, it doesn’t offer a drip tray. So, putting too wet vessels can mess with your kitchen countertop.

However, I liked its simplistic design & reasonable price range. So, if you have a small family of four members, go for it.

Brand: Home Creations
Material: Stainless Steel.
Size: 18X 24 Inch / 45.72 x 25.4 x 60.96 cm.
Weight: 3 Kg 200g
Color: Silver.


  • Sturdy & economical.
  • Compact, easily fits on the wall using screws. Besides, the plastic legs also prevent scratching the kitchen countertop.
  • Comes with four shelves.
  • Detachable parts.
  • Cells and pins are given for plates and cutleries.


  • Alignment issues.
  • lacks proper finish and the drip tray.

7. Stvin Kitchen 2 Layer Plastic Sink Dish Plate Drainer

best dish drying rack in IndiaAre you planning to buy a dish drying rack for your small appliances and cutleries? If yes, then the Stvin Kitchen plastic dish drainer can fit your choice.

It comes with an innovative design and a couple of shelves for storing wet vessels. Besides, you also get three different color options for this product.

On the design front, the Stvin dish drying rack looks utterly compact and durable. Further, both shelves are truly spacious. Plus, a mini box is also provided for your spoons & cups.

Unlike most multiple shelves dish drainers, it comes with a drip tray as a water outlet. Besides, the drip tray provides you a mobile nozzle. By rotating it, you can easily change the water outlet direction.

However, I find the particular dish drying is quite small for big appliances like cooker, kadhai, etc. Only a pair of cookers or kadhai just covers the whole shelf. Also, few plates don’t stick into the sink dish ate holder.

Yet, for saving your kitchen space, Stvin made all the parts of the rack detachable. So, you can separately use them. Moreover, it eases your cleaning task.

Brand: Stvin
Material: Food Grade Plastic
Size: 47.29 x 35.1 x 18.6 cm.
Weight: 1kg 950g
Color: Blue, Green & Pink(varied on availability)


  • Economical.
  • Plastic made yet durable.
  • Comes with a water tray.
  • Convenient for small kitchen.
  • Non-scratchable plastic stands are provided.


  • Not for large appliances.
  • The design of the plate holes is not up to mark.

8. Luximal Stainless Steel Roll-Up Over Sink Dish Drainer

best dish drying rack in indiaLuximal brings a super handy dish drainer for your compact kitchenette. Just put it on the sink whenever needed and roll it up after you finished. No extra space is needed for this special dish drainer.

It’s purely built of stainless steel, which makes it durable and rust-proof. Besides, the vertical sides are covered with rubber to protect you from cuts. It also prevents unwanted slippage.

The Luximal over sink dish drainer is mainly used to dry dishes, cups, plates, bowls, vegetables & fruits. However, aside from them, you can also use the rack as a mat for hot pots & pans.

However, for using this dish drainer, you should have a spacious sink. Those who have two adjacent sinks in their kitchen can surely buy this item.

Brand: Luximal
Material: Stainless Steel.
Size: 46.5 x 46 x 1 Centimeters.
Weight: 340 Grams
Color: Silver.


  • Economical.
  • Steel built, rust-proof.
  • Compact and foldable.
  • Doesn’t take extra space in your kitchen.
  • Can be used as hot pot mats.


  • Limited space.
  • The price should be more economical.

Previously I have already mentioned two kinds(steel and plastic) of dish rack materials. However, except for them, Bamboo is also used to build dish drainers sometimes. But, you can rarely find them in India. Now,

Plastic Dish Drying Racks:

Plastic dish drying racks come in plenty of varieties like colors, sizes, shelves(max two). So, it becomes easier to find the perfect dish drainers basis on your requirements.

Besides, the plastic dish drainers are super lightweight and also rust-proof. Like cheap steel racks, it never scratches your utensils.

Most of them are made of polypropylene, but you should check the plastic quality. Otherwise, Non-food graded plastics can affect your health adversely. The few downsides of the plastic racks are – they are less durable compared to the steel racks and also not Eco-friendly.

Yet, plastic dish drainers are the most economical choice for your kitchen.

Stainless Steel Dish Drying Racks:

If you’re searching for the most durable dish drying racks, then you should definitely pick up a steel dish drainer. The dense wired nest & double wired support provides adequate toughness to the dish racks, thus increasing their lifespan.

Though you can’t see different color variations of a steel dish rack, its attractive mirror finish & silver color completes your kitchen’s charm.

Besides, the steel dish drying racks come in large sizes, makes them convenient for a big family. They are completely rust-proof and easier to clean. Moreover, a few steel racks also come with three to four shelves along with a compact design, which makes them suitable for small or congested kitchens.

The only snag of the stainless steel dish drying racks is that they are a little costly and heavy.

Buying Guide – Best Dish Drying Rack in India:

I hope you’ve cleared your thoughts on different types of dish drying racks. Here are a few know-hows for you to select the best dish drying rack in India.


While picking a dish drying rack, you should clear about its size or capacity. Otherwise, all your utensils will not fit inside the rack. Like the Parasnath steel rack is enough for four persons. However, you will need a large sized dish drainer for six or more members.


Durability-wise, the steel dish drainers are one step ahead. Yet, few of them tend to develop rust over time. On the other hand, plastic dish drying racks are lightweight and economical. So, it’s up to you which one you are going to buy.


Extra shelves inside a dish drying rack provide more room. Also, it helps to place different appliances separately.

Drip Tray:

Drip trays are vital for dish drying racks. They collect all the dripping water from the utensils inside the tray, which keeps your kitchen countertop clean and dry.

Base Height:

Your dish drying rack should make a decent gap from the base while standing. It reduces the blockage and helps to drain the water quickly. So, make sure that the four legs of your dish drying rack come with a decent height.

Benefits of the Best dish drying racks in India:

If you’re planning to buy a kitchen dish rack, you should also have to know its multipurpose uses.

A perfect companion for your utensils:

Before moving to the cupboard, the wet vessels love to be placed in a dish drying rack. It helps them to get dried faster after taking a wash from your hands.

Improve your kitchen’s beauty:

If you use a dish drying rack, your kitchen will look more spacious and organized. Also, the elegant & modern design of the racks will enhance your kitchenette’s beauty.

We have also reviewed about Best food storage containers for your small kitchen. You can look into this once.

Your New Fruit Basket:

No utensils left to put on your dish drying rack? Keep the vegetables and fruits on your rack to convert to it a veggie basket. Plastic dish drainers are the distinct choice for it.

Never lose important files:

You can also use these dish drying racks to store stationery items. So, you can effortlessly access your valuable files or copies whenever needed.

Besides, if you have two dish racks, you can also use the old one as a shoe rack.

Conclusion – Best Dish drying rack in India:

I hope now you have a clear idea about different kinds of dish drying racks. While buying any of them, do follow your preferences. If you have a small kitchen & four family members, go for the size of the one-shelf racks, sized around 50 to 55 cm in length.

For more than four members, you should opt for the 60cm or above dish drying rack. However, if you get less space in your kitchen, the doubly or triply dish drainers will be a good choice for you.