Top 6 Best Kitchen and Glass Wipers India 2021

Kitchen wipers are the cheapest & handy tools you can use to clean the kitchen slabs, dining tables, or even a glass window.

To keep our kitchen healthy & hygienic, we should prioritize its cleaning. Generally, we use water for cleaning, but the corners are left dirty. Also, it’s not possible to clean the hard-to-reach areas properly.

But the space-saving kitchen wipers make this task a lot easier with the sweeping blades. Below, I have listed some of the best kitchen wipers.




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Scotch-Brite Plastic Kitchen Wiper (Grey)

Best Selling

Rubber Squeegees Pack of 4

Slicion Wipers

Spotzero By Milton Sleek Moppy (Aqua Green)


Kleeno by Cello Kitchen Platform and Glass Plastic Wiper

Amazon's Choice

Gala Ezee Sqeezee Wiper


Ivaan Non-Slip Hand-Held Wipers


Best Kitchen and Glass Wipers India

1. Scotch-Brite Plastic Kitchen Wiper (Grey)

The best-selling kitchen wiper on Amazon for a while now.

The Scotch-Brite Plastic Kitchen Wiper comes with a premium quality 3M TPE blade, gives you an instant dry surface in a single sweep.

Further, the long handle provides you a better grip on using, while the curvy design increases its efficiency.

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It’s built of strong plastic material and can be used on multiple surfaces. So, the single sweep cleaner is equally effective for kitchen slabs, dining tables, shower cubicles & car windows.

What's Good

  • Single sweep cleaner.
  • High-quality TPE blade.
  • Ergonomic handle design.

What's Bad

  • No issues

2. Rubber Squeegees – Handheld Squeegee Cleaner(Pack of 4)

The perfect solution to remove water stains from windows & kitchen slabs. With the 9.5 inches wider silicon blades, the Handheld Squeegee Cleaner can cover larger areas at once.

The Rubber Squeegees offers you four handheld cleaners. So, each one of them can be used for different purposes like cleaning the cars or bathroom.

Besides, You can hang these wipers anywhere inside the kitchen using the holes. The grip is decent but tires your hands during long hours.

These heavy-duty wipers are made of strong BPA free plastic material, which ensures their durability. Besides, for any kinds of product faults, the manufacturer offers you a 100% money-back guarantee.

What's Good

  • Wider blades.
  • It comes in a pack of 4 for the cost of two.
  • Large hanging holes.
  • 100% money-back guarantee.

What's Bad

  • Small handles.

3. Spotzero By Milton Sleek Moppy (Aqua Green)

Milton is already a well-known brand and tries to offer you the best product possible.

The Spotzero By Milton Sleek Moppy is also not an exception. It’s the cheapest multipurpose kitchen wiper I have used.

Its long handle is attached to a 20 cm rubber, which prevents slipping while using wet hands. Besides, the blade is also made of rubber but less spacious.

The built quality of this particular wiper is up-to-mark. However, the cleaning part is not that reliable. It’s not a streak-free wiper and leaves wiping marks on glasses.

So, considering the price, the Milton Sleek Moppy is a decent deal for the bathroom and hard surfaces.

What's Good

  • Cheapest.
  • Lightweight & extended.
  • Rubber grip on the handle.
  • Durable.

What's Bad

  • Not a streak-free product.
  • Small blade.

4. Kleeno by Cello Kitchen Platform and Glass Plastic Wiper (Red and Grey)

Cello introduces another great dry cleaning kitchen wiper, the Kleeno. It comes with two color variants, looks premium inside the kitchen.

The enhanced rubber lip provides you streak-free cleaning on kitchen platforms. Besides, it leaves the glasses squeaking with the help of sharp rubber edges.

Unlike the Spotzero, it also comes with a rubberized handle for a comfortable grip.

As manufactured by Cello, you don’t need to sweat for durability, you can use the wiper for a few years without issues.

What's Good

  • Durable.
  • Ergonomic rubberized handle.
  • Squeaky cleaning performance.
  • Compact & lightweight.

What's Bad

  • The edges are thin. However, not bending at all.

5. Gala Squeeze Wiper for Kitchen top and Glass Cleaning

Gala Squeeze Wiper is a perfect competitor for the Kleeno within a similar price range.

It’s also attached with a rubber blade and a cushy handle. For being sturdy, you can effortlessly use it for kitchen, floor, and bathroom cleaning.

The wiper is a great solution to drain water and liquid from the kitchen platform. It does the job in one sweep, but for glasses, you’ll need some effort.

The Gala Squeeze may seem large, but it’s a medium-sized product in reality.

What's Good

  • Hard & Sturdy.
  • Multipurpose use.
  • One sweep cleaning.

What's Bad

  • Less effective on glasses.

6. Ivaan Non-SlipHand-Held Wiper for Cleaning Window Glass

The Ivaan Non-Slip handy wipers are great for small purposes. Its wide rubber lips clean the kitchen slabs perfectly.

Moreover, These multicolored compact wipers can be used for window & car glass, marble floors, and tiles. However, for the small handles, you can’t apply the perfect force.

Apart, I don’t find any built issues on this particular product after using it for a few months.

What's Good

  • Compact, can be stored anywhere.
  • Large wiping section.
  • Non-slippery handle.
  • Ideal for kitchens.

What's Bad

  • Less usability.

Guide for Buying kitchen wipers:

Although the kitchen wipers are inexpensive, you need to consider these factors before buying them.


The more sturdy the plastic is, the more durable the product will be. Besides, you also have to consider the blade quality of a wiper.

A soft blade is always acceptable, as the thin blades break easily & the hard ones leave marks on glasses a few times.

Weight & Size:

Always try to pick a compact kitchen wiper. The super small wipers are fine, but not for multipurpose usages. Further, the large ones create storing issues.

Blade’s Size:

Wide wiping blades are always preferable. They can tackle a large portion at once and save your time. For kitchen wipers, both the silicon and rubber blades are considerable,

Wiping Handle:

Longer handles are easy to grip and more functional than the smaller ones. Look for the kitchen wiper having rubberized or non-skid handles.