10 Best Lint Ball Remover Machine in India 2021 – Reviews & Guides

Are you finding a Lint remover machine for your clothes? Then you’re in the right place. I have done comprehensive research on Lint Ball Remover Machine & come up with the list of Top 10 Best Lint Ball Remover Machines.

Lint can occur both in new & old clothes. It’s the grey fuzz that clings to your favorite clothes. Normally It happens when small fibers detach from your clothes and get stuck on other clothes. Also, maybe you noticed that the lint balls get stuck in your belly sometimes.

Generally, old clothes get lint after washing them. However, new clothes can have lint from the beginning. Moreover, it looks worse when the lint balls get dirty. However, occurring lint on your clothes (more in wool & Cotton) is a common thing.

But excessive lint is bad for your clothes. Also, it can take hours to clean it manually. So, I must recommend you to use a good Lint Ball Remover Machine to do this work. It’ll just take a few minutes before you go to the office, seminar, or anywhere.

Best Lint Remover Machine India:

ImageProductDetails  Price
gc026Philips GC026Color: Ocean
Features: Best Battery-Operated Fabric Shaver.
Check Price
memmoyMEOMY Sweater Fabric ShaverColor: Black
Features: Expensive, but includes the utmost features.
Check Price
styelhouseStyleHouse Electric NovaColor: Pink/Orange
Features: Decent features at budget price.
Check Price
house of quirkHouse of QuirkColor: Blue
Features: Wireless Electric Operated Fabric Shaver.
Check Price
remiingtonRemington Fuzz-AwayColor: Ocean
Features: Efficient, unique & battery-operated fabric shaver.
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So, What is a lint Ball Remover Machine?

Here I’m talking about the Automatic lint remover machine. So, don’t get confused between the lint remover brush and the automatic machine. The Lint Ball Remover Machine is an electric/battery-operated device that can remove lint from clothes easily. You don’t have to make any hustle for it. Just move around the device on the clothes & your lint-free clothes are ready. While the Lint Remover Brush is a manual and time inefficient device.

If you do have other queries, you can check out our FAQ Section to clear your thoughts.

Note: The Lint Ball Remover Machine can’t clean your pet’s fur or dust from your clothes. There are other devices available for these kind of works.

Benefits of the Lint Ball Remover Machine:

Easy to use: 

It doesn’t need any engineering to use it. Also, the Lint Remover machines are safe to use. Just put the batteries and switch on the device. After that, simply use it on your clothes.

Portable & Lightweight:

The Lint Ball Remover devices are very handy. They fit properly in your hand. Also, the lint removers weigh around nothing. So, you can carry the devices wherever you go.


It saves your time by removing the lint from your clothes within a few minutes. While the manual lint removers can take hours to do this task.


You can also charge the lint removers using electricity. It means you don’t have to plug it while using it. It’ll run around 40-80 minutes in single recharge(depending on brands). However, battery-operated variations are also available for the devices. In this case, you have to change the batteries.

Cleaning Ease:

If you’re using a lint remover brush then I think you’re familiar with the cleaning issues. It feels most irritating while removing the lint from your brush after using the device. But in the case of a lint remover machine, the lint gets stored in a removable container. So, you can easily clean your device by detaching the container.


The Lint Remover machines are completely budget-friendly. You can easily purchase a lint remover at a reasonable price. Also, the devices provide you long-time service.

Best Lint Ball Remover Machines –  Reviews

1. Philips GC026 Lint Removers/Clothes Shaver’s/Fabric Shavers

best lint ball remover machine

The Battery-Operated Philips GC026 Lint Remover acquires the top position of my list with more than 10000 positive reviews on Amazon. All of us are well-known about Philips brand. It is one of the most prominent brands in the category of electronics. Let’s look at the features of this product.

The build quality of the device is remarkable. Also, the design & color gives it a premium look. The Philips GC026 lint remover only requires 2 AA size batteries to work. The batteries are also included with the device. Don’t worry about the batteries. It’ll work for more than 3 months with new batteries.

Always remove the batteries while you’re not using the Lint Remover Machine. Also, make sure to keep the batteries secure by wrapping them in the paper.


  • It can cover a large area at once with its large blade surface.
  • The device comes with a height-adjustable cap for the most delicate garments.
  • The blades rotate up to 8880 rounds/min & provide an effective result.
  • Also, the different sizes of holes help to tackle the maximum amount of lint.
  • The lint/pill container is easy to remove & clean. Also, you’ll get a cleaning brush with the device.
  • Moreover, you’ll get 2 years of warranty for the device.


  • The device is not rechargeable. You’ve to change the batteries after they stop working.

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2. INFINITY ELECTRIC NOVA Lint Ball Remover/Fabric Shaver

best lint ball remover machine

In a single word, I can say that The INFINITY ELECTRIC NOVA Lint Ball Remover is the first choice for budget-buyers. I can assure you that no one can beat this device at this price range.

The Electric Lint Remover can quickly clean your clothes with its 9000rpm speed. It works on All Woolens Sweaters, Blankets & Jackets. Also, it saves your expenses of 100 batteries. The lint remover works on AC 220v & provides an output of 2W. You’ll get a cleaning brush along with the lint remover in the packaging.


  • Quick and efficient.
  • Rechargeable. It doesn’t need external batteries.
  • The large shaving head sucks sufficient lint at a single time.
  • Also, it comes with a detachable lint container. Just slide down it to clean waste fuzz.
  • The dual protection feature saves your garment and hands from cutting.


  • Build quality is average.

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3. StyleHouse Electric Lint Remover/ For Clothes/Fabric

The StyleHouse Electric Lint Remover also comes with decent features. However, it’s manufactured by the NOVA brand. It works on all types of clothes, jackets & sweaters. It has also a 9000/rpm blade speed. The blades can effectively clean the fuzz from your clothes.


  • Quick, efficient, and rechargeable. The build quality is also remarkable.
  • Large surface coverage area with expanded blades.
  • Lightweight and easy to grip.
  • Also, it comes with a detachable pill container. Slide-out down to clean.
  • A Charging indicator is also available.


  • The cleaning quality is average.

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4. House of Quirk Fabric Shaver and Electric Lint Remover

The House of Quirk Fabric Shaver and Electric Lint Remover is another budget-beast product. The device comes with such amazing features within the lowest price range. The lint remover doesn’t have any wires instead of being electric-operated. You can directly connect it to the plugs.

Also, the safety lock feature makes the device more convenient. It automatically gets stooped when the blade cover is loose or open. So, the device is undoubtedly safe for clothes.


  • Honeycomb Foil Shaver Net.
  • Powerful Motor, High-Performance Battery.
  • Whirlwind Steel Cutting Head.
  • Safe & Reliable.
  • Quick and Efficient Remove Fabric Fluff.
  • Mass storage with charging indicator.


  • You’ve to buy a suitable multi-plug to recharge it.

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5. HOVR Electric Lint Remover for All Woolen Clothes, Sweaters, Blankets

The HOVR Electric Lint Remover is an Indian product that works on All Woolen Clothes, Sweaters, Blankets. You can go for this product without thinking twice. The strong material makes this device more durable. Also, the design provides you a decent grip.


  • Quick and efficient.
  • Rotary sharp Blades.
  • Removes the Lint/Fluff Quickly.
  • Compact and firm grip.
  • Input Voltage: AC220V Output Power: 2W.


  • Works fine till now.

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6. Personic New-Feel LR 333 Rechargeable Lint Remover

With having a bulky look & black outro color, the Personic New-Feel LR 333 looks premium in your hand. For being compact, the lint remover is a perfect device for daily and while on travel.

It’s the first lint ball remover on my list, having the option of USB recharging. The fabric shaver takes around six hours to get fully charged, which provides usage of 60 min in a row.

For prolonged usages, the lint remover machine is built with premium ABS material. With enhanced technology and a powerful motor, the ergonomic device works effortlessly on every clothes.

Wherever it’s lint, pills, or bubbles, the six floating stainless steel blades swiftly exclude them from your clothes. Also, the device offers you two shaving speed & three height adjustment options for extra efficiency. Besides, Personic added a large bin for spare storage.

While being an Indian product, it comes with the utmost features within a lower price point. Also, it ensures the promises by providing one year warranty.


  • Indian product.
  • Comes with a USB charging option.
  • Handy and Premium.
  • Great for Home use and while traveling.
  • Two shaving speed & three height adjustment options for ease.
  • Honeycomb net for extra protection.
  • One year of warranty.


  • Don’t have any critical issues.

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7. Pureta Lint Remover and Fabric Shaver (Electric)

Can you touch your nose with the tongue? No? The Pureta Fabric Shaver also can’t. But it can clear lint, pills & fuzz from your entire house, which includes sweaters, jerseys, blankets, coats, along with household furniture and decors like sofas and curtains.

The electric lint remover only takes three minutes to renew its charge. Afterward, the sharp blades offer you reliable and efficient results with less effort. Its large blade surface reassures the swift effect by covering a large portion at a time.

With the 65mm blade mesh, it doesn’t let to escape thread or lint of any size. Besides, the blades are well protected with a honeycomb net. Nevertheless, if the blade cover is open or loose, the device gets automatically off.

Aside, the fabric shaver is well built and looks durable, offers you dual protection. However, the warranty period is not mentioned on Amazon.


  • Efficient & durable.
  • Large shaving head with sharp blades.
  • Electric fabric shaver takes only 3 minutes to renew.
  • Honeycomb net protection.
  • Children lock assures better protection.
  • Works with all types of clothes, garments, and, furniture.


  • Warranty not mentioned,

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8. Pick Ur Needs Lint/Fabric Shaver for Clothes

Another lint remover by an Indian brand, ‘Pick Ur Needs’. Its fabric shaver comes new to the market with an old design but gives smooth & clean effects. Besides, it’s one of the best fabric shavers under 500 in the present market.

Never run out of batteries with this lint ball remover, as it’s also electrically operated. The sharp blades offer great effectiveness, as they up to rotate 7700RPM/ seconds. Also, the large face of the shaver covers a large place at once.

Besides, a large lint container makes it easier to keep enough waste, which you can remove using the cleaning brush. It does work with all sorts of woolen sweaters, blankets, jackets & carpets.

The packet includes a fabric shaver and a cleaning brush. But, it doesn’t come with a warranty.


  • Gives smooth results.
  • Large blade cover face.
  • Electrically operated.
  • Honeycomb net protection.
  • Works with all types of clothes, garments.
  • Cheap & Value for money.


  • No warranty available.

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9. Remington Fuzz-Away Fabric Shaver, RTFS-2

The expensive one, but delivers quick & ergonomic results effortlessly. The Remington Fuzz-Away Fabric Shaver comes with a unique design, which eases your grip. Besides, the compact shape makes it a perfect traveling companion.

The lightweight fabric/fuzz shaver is equipped with T blades, which precisely removes loose threads & fuzz from clothes without damaging. Also, it works on all kinds of clothes as well as furniture.

With a decent-sized blade face, the shaver can make your clothes brand new within minutes. Besides, its slotted metal guard preserves your fabrics from sort of damage.

Two AAA batteries are enough to recharge the device. Further, Remington provides two years of warranty for this fuzz remover.

Lastly, the fabric shaver works excellent on fabrics, but still not sure about the woolen sweaters. But In my opinion, the build quality & efficiency overshadow the dilemmas and the price.


  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Unique Design. Easy to grip.
  • Equipped with precise T-blades.
  • Metal honeycomb net.
  • Efficient & protective.
  • Includes two years of warranty.


  • Expensive.

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10. MEOMY Sweater Fabric Shaver – Triple Protection 

The USA brand MEOMY Sweater Fabric Shaver is the most expensive item on my list. But after grasping the enormous features of it, you’ll don’t care about the price.

Being a USB rechargeable device, it offers superb power support compared to others. With the fully charged lithium batteries, the fabric shaver stays effective for more than 120 minutes. So, you can clean up to 40 clothes in a row.

As a fabric shaver, it efficiently works on clothes, carpets and, also on furniture. The advanced 3 LEAF-SHAVING blades rotate on the button and take only three minutes per clothing.

Besides, it offers you three shaving speed adjustment according to your needs. On the lower mode, the blades rotate on 6000RPM, which is suitable for thin clothing. For a quick result, you can choose the highest, which is around 10000RPM, only for sweaters, coats, cotton skirts, sofa.

The metal honeycomb is designed with three types of holes for better protection. Besides, the lint remover is also equipped with a fluff protective cover for proper height adjustment. Lastly, it comes with a safety lock for children.

Apart, the price deserves a luxurious packaging. It includes a cleaning brush, a USB charging cable, a user manual, a fluff protective cover, one bonus 6-leaf blades (2 blades in total), and an original box. Additionally, it comes with two years of warranty.


  • Premium looks.
  • Rechargeable using USB charger.
  • Works 120 minutes on a single charge.
  • Three speed modes for shaving, Goes up to 10000RPM.
  • Triple lock system along with height adjustment facility.
  • Includes extra USB cable, brush and blades.
  • Eco-friendly, two years of warranty.


  • Expensive but value for money.

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Best Lint Ball Remover Machine – Buying Guide

If you’re confused while choosing a product, then I’ll recommend you to consider the factors below. I hope it’ll clear your thoughts about Lint Removers.

Build Quality:

The exterior material of a Lint Remover should be of decent quality. It extends the durability of the product, Also, look whether the device has a lightweight & space-saving or design or not. Furthermore, the lint remover should be comfortable in your hand while using,

Blade Speed:

The greater blade speed makes the device more efficient. So, look for lint remover having a blade speed of a minimum of 8000 rounds/ min. Also, consider the blade cover height of the device. Otherwise, it can cut your garments.

Coverage Area:

A large blade surface can cover a wider area of your shirt/blanket or sweaters. Generally, it makes your work easier & takes less time to clean your garments.

Battery or Electric Operated:

It depends on you whether you want to purchase a battery or Electric operated Lint Ball Remover Machine. Both have their pros & cons. The battery-operated devices are cordless & works without electricity. But you’ve to purchase new batteries whenever the old ones get expired. While the Electric Lint removers are rechargeable & can be wired or wireless. Also, you can recharge it with electricity whenever required.

Lint Container’s Size:

It stores the garment’s lint while using the device. You can also remove the container to clean the lint. A big lint container can store a sufficient amount of int at a single time. So, you don’t have to clean the container frequently.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1. Do the Lint Ball Remover Machine is safe to use?

Of course, the Lint Ball Remover machine is completely safe to use. As the blades are covered it cant cut your garments.

2. Can I lint remover machine on my pets?

No, lint remover can’t remove your pet’s fur. It’s only made to clean lint from your garments.

3. Can I change the blades of a lint remover?

Yes, you can change the old blades for most of the Lint Remover machines.

4. How long the lint remover will run with new batteries?

You can expect the lint remover to run around 2-3 months with new batteries. But you should remove the batteries while not in use. As it can damage the machine.

5. How much time does it take to recharge a lint remover?

Generally, It takes around 1.5 hours to recharge a lint remover. For more queries. Drop a message in the comment section.


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