5 Most Selling Robotic Vacuum Cleaner India 2022(The New Cleaning Pet)

Do you know? Only sweeping isn’t enough to clean your floors properly, as it can’t reach the cramped places of your room. To make this possible, we generally use a vacuum cleaner, which sucks dirt from corners.

robot vacuum cleanerBut, here I’m talking about the Robot Vacuum Cleaners, an automated version of traditional vacuum cleaners. These upgraded devices make our cleaning part a lot easier, as we don’t need to control them manually.

The new Robot Vacuum Cleaners come with enormous features like self-recharging, anti-collision, anti-drop, schedule cleaning, for which people get crazy for them.





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 ILIFE V5s Pro

2 in 1 Cleaning, Hepa Filter.

Eufy RoboVac 11S

Slimmest & Powerful

ECOVACS Deebot 500

Smart & SoundLess

360 S7 Laser

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Milagrow Seagull

Cheapest but Utmost

Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaner India:

1. ILIFE V5s Pro, 2-in-1 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Manufactured by an Indian brand, the ILIFE Robot Vacuum cleaner features the perfect combination of wiping & suction. Its alternating cleaning process is favored by most of the consumers.


Not exactly round, but the robotic cleaner comes in a cylindrical shape of 330 x 330 x 80(in mm). For being compact, it can approach every corner in your house.

Although the vacuum cleaner has the anti-collision feature, it’s made of strong ABS material for maximum durability.

Further, as equipped with a brushless motor, it makes the least noise during the highest performance mode, especially while mopping.

With the 2600 mAh battery capacity, the vacuum can continuously work for 90-100 minutes. Afterward, the vacuum cleaner itself runs towards the charging dock. However, it takes around five hours to get charged fully.

Let’s look at the basic features of this robot vacuum:

  • It’s an expert in both cleaning & mopping.
  • It comes with two suction modes. While on max mode, it can achieve up to 1000pa.
  • It has four distinct cleaning modes for convenient performance.
        • Auto mode – For interior setting.
        • Spot mode – Deep cleaning on a particular area.
        • Edge mode – To clean corners & edges of the wall.
        • Schedule mode – Automated for daily cleaning.
  • The multiple sensors allow the vacuum cleaner to avoid edges & furniture.
  • For being lean, it can effortlessly operate under the sofa, beds & furniture.

A Perfect Replacement For The Maid:

It’s kind of hectic to convince your maid to clean the rooms properly. Besides, if you’ve pets, then manual cleaning needs a decent amount of hassle.

But when the VS5 pro is around, it becomes a piece of cake, as it covers 95% area of your home. Also, the advanced filter pulls the finest dirt from the floor.

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On a single charge, it can cover up to 1200-1500 sq. ft area easily, dry cleaning or whether wet mopping using soap water, the device left your floor spotless even after years.

What's Good

  • Hepa Filter.
  • Cost-effective product.
  • 2 in 1 operating modes.
  • Comes with the utmost features.
  • ILife provides a single year warranty.
  • Spare parts are easily available.

What's Bad

  • Don’t have the systematic mopping feature.
  • Also, the alerting sound is low.

2. Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Next to our list is the Eufy RoboVac 11S Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

Considering the features, this model is one of the cheapest cleaners available in the market. The RoboVac 11S has the tag of “Best Robot Vacuum of 2018”, reviewed by Digital Trends.

With the slimmest appearance, this vacuum cleaner makes the lowest noise possible without compensating with performance. The device finds itself more comfortable on hard floors.

Let’s look out what can RoboVac 11S do for us:

  • The soundless – make only 55 decibels sound.
  • Auto Power Up – Boost the suction power while encounters heavier dirt.
  • Large dustbin – the 0.6L dust box saves you from frequent cleaning.
  • Large wheels – can roll over lean carpets & door ledges.
  • Triple Filteraization – Comes with a dual-filtered layer, followed by a high-performance filter.

Further, it comes with primary features like auto-charging, auto-cleaning and, cliff detection. However, the robotic cleaner doesn’t have any smart features integration.

The Power Beast:

You would have noticed the term called PA rating. It stands for Pascale Pressure Unit, related to the vacuum level of your cleaner. For better suction power, a robot vacuum cleaner must have a higher PA rating.

On expensive robots, the power suction rating may reach up to 2000 PA. However, the RoboVac 11S only offers a 1300 PA rating, which is enough for a cleaner at this price range.

Despite generating more suction power, it doesn’t compromise with operating time. For any type of floor, the vacuum cleaner works straight for 100 minutes per charge. 

However, the RoboVac 11S gets quite confused in small areas. Also, there is no navigation, only cleans the floor in random patterns. So, few times, you may have to chase behind him like a toddler to get it in the right direction.

What's Good

  • Only 2.85 inches tall, easily reach under the sofa.
  • Quieter operation than most of the vacuums.
  • Better suction power.
  • Cheaper.
  • One year warranty.

What's Bad

  • Random cleaning.
  • No smart features.

3. ECOVACS Deebot 500 Robots Vacuum Cleaner

The Ecovacs Deebot 500 comes third on our list.

Finding a robot vacuum cleaner under $500, having smart features integration is quite impossible. But, the Ecovacs Deebot 500 makes it possible. 

Besides, we have another inexpensive model loaded with

It measures around 12.9 x 12.9 x 3.1 inches, makes it capable of navigating under furniture and sofas. Besides, at the top, the device has a multifunctional button that is used to (wake up/sleep)(start/stop auto cleaning). 

Moreover, it’s equipped with a roller brush & two spinning brushes, which take care of dirt & derbies on the floor. The Ecovacs Deebot 500 is known for

  • Smart App Control – the Ecovacs home app lets you control the robot cleaner like a smart bulb.
  • Alexa & Google Home compatible – Voice command makes the device more convenient.
  • Multiple cleaning modes – Auto, edge & spot mode for systematic cleaning.
  • Max suction power – Can increase the suction power up to 2x in a single click.
  • 0.5L dustbin storage.

Yes, it makes less noise, but not good as the Eufy. Also, the battery backup is around 90 minutes, though they claim 110 minutes of runtime.


The Deboot did a solid job cleaning up messes, like pine needles and pet’s fur. Also, the soft cushion bumpers help reaches over the fine carpets.

Unlike the Deebot Ozmo 920, it doesn’t talk to you but sends notifications through the Ecovacs Home App, from which you can understand the current status of the robot. 

So, whether the robot gets stuck or having a low charge, you can monitor it. But one thing to notice, that the Deebot 500 doesn’t return to the charging dock on its own. 

Nevertheless, it comes with the Anti-collision, Anti-drop & scheduling feature.

What's Good

  • Smart Features. Supports voice commands.
  • Cheapest Smart Robot Cleaner.
  • Gentle when bumping into obstacles
  • Powerful modes. Even cleans needles.
  • Send alerts to smartphones.

What's Bad

  • Self-charging not available.
  • The battery didn’t last as long as the robot claimed.

4. 360 S7 Laser Robot Vacuum Cleaner with SLAM Route Planning

Though expensive, the 360 S7 Laser comes with enormous features, takes 4th place on my list.

The three-times award-winning robot proves price isn’t a big factor when it comes to reliability.

The major advantages of the 360 S7 Laser are, it comes with a mapping & auto-resume feature, which usually the cheap models don’t have.

Let’s have a look at the countless features of the vacuum: 

  • Wet and dry cleaning.
  • Powerful Suction – While on carpets, suction power gets increased to 2000PA. For dust cleaning, it only uses 400PA(soundless).
  • Quite, Auto and Max Mode.
  • Self-adjusted main brush – helps to handle uneven surfaces more conveniently.
  • Auto Sweep Mode – switches to mopping instantly after adding the water tank. However, it stops seeping water if not working.
  • Mapping – provides a clear map of your house on your smartphone. So, you can set the work area of the robot.

Apart from that, it comes with all the primary features the best robot vacuums should have.

The Most Obedient:

Remember, the budget robot vacuums randomly hover inside the whole house, gets stuck in messy places, and stops working. The alert system is also useless if you’re not inside your house. 

But in the case of S7, you get the authority to tell the device where it should do cleaning and which places should be avoided.

Inside the 360 Robot App, you’ll get a complete map after the robot vacuum renders the house thoroughly using the laser.

Afterward, you can specifically choose the blocking & cleaning areas for your rooms. For most dirty areas, you can tell the robot to go through for 2X or more times.

Moreover, while scheduling, you can set a sequence for the robot for cleaning the rooms.

The best part of the robot is the auto-resume feature. In most of the robots, the previous setting gets reset after re-juicing and starts work from the beginning. But the S7 Laser resumes from the last checkpoint. 

Apart, there are a lot of things to explore inside the robot vacuum.

What's Good

  • Works even in total darkness.
  • Generate highly accurate HD maps through the LDS LIDAR.
  • The intelligent mode finds the most convenient oath using SLAM Algo.
  • Auto-Resume feature.
  • Custom Cleaning.

What's Bad

  • No issues.

5. Milagrow Seagull – Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Lastly, I added the Milagrow Seagull Robotic Cleaner to my list. As an Indian product, it offers overwhelming features, and also the cheapest vacuum cleaner comes with gyro mapping technology.

Our Milagrow Seagull can be a perfect replacement for the 360 S7 from a cost viewpoint. It offers you nearly the same features at half price. 

However, the seagull model can’t take over the advanced algorithm & LDA mapping technology of 360 S7.

The Milagrow Seagull Robotic cleaner offers you – 

  • Slight wet mopping.
  • Gyro mapping – uses the Earth’s gravity to render the map of your house.
  • Three Cleaning modes(Spot, Zigzag, and wall to wall).
  • Hepa air filter for capturing radioactive dust pollen from the air passes through it.
  • Large Dustbin capacity of 0.65L.

The Cheapest till now: 

The Milagrow seagull has a round shape design and probably the thinnest Indian model. It also uses two round brushes & a mop to perform the cleaning.

However, the mop needs to be wet several times throughout the cleaning as it doesn’t include any water tank. For having better sensors, it can also sense and clean the carpets.

You can also control the robot using a smartphone or Alexa, where you can schedule cleaning, increase or decrease suction power, and more. Honestly, It has a slightly better power suction ability(1500 PA) considering the price.

However, the seagull vacuum doesn’t disturb you with cleaning sound, as it produces around 52 decibels sound only.

Apart from all the above, it has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties, prevent infection from spreading inside the house.

Amazon offering this robot vacuum only on 11k for a while. So, grab it before the deal ends.

What's Good

  • Wet & dry mopping.
  • India’s thinnest robot vacuum.
  • Cheapest cleaning having smart features & gyro-mapping.
  • Large Dustbin.
  • Two years of warranty.

What's Bad

  • No water tank.
  • Less battery backup.
  • Only good for small flats,

Robot Vacuum Cleaner – Guide.

Choosing the best robot vacuum cleaner for your home isn’t so difficult if you look deeply into these factors.

Cleaning types:

It’s solely your choice to select a robot vacuum, which can do both wet & dry cleaning or not. But you should look for the different cleaning modes that feature on a robot vacuum cleaner.

The random vacuums are less effective on edges and also leave specks of dirt for few times.

Suction Power & Filters:

For better suction, your vacuum cleaner should have a good PA rating. As I said before, the higher the number is, the better the cleaning will be. However, it also drains the charge faster and makes a little more noise.

Besides, If anyone in your family has breathing issues, then go for a vacuum cleaner having a High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) air filter. It can remove 99.97% of dust particles from the air passing through it.


If you prefer to clean your rooms at night, then you should definitely check the noise level of the vacuum cleaner. Otherwise, it’ll disrupt your sleeping.

Normally, the noise level for most of the cleaners is locked at 65FPS. But the Deboot 500 is really soundless.

Battery Life:

On average, most vacuum cleaners work up to 100-120 minutes per charge. However, In max mode, the battery drains much faster, needs to re-juice after 85-90 minutes.


The sensors are vital for robots as they detect obstacles, walls, and stairs. So, choose a vacuum having more accurate sensors.