Best Shower Head Filter for Hard Water India 2021(Updated)

Do you want to get rid of dry skin and hair loss caused by hard water? Then you’ve just needed the best shower head filter for hard water.

Best Shower Head Filter for Hard Water

But why hard water is causing these types of problems? It is only because of the presence of High TDS contents in the water. High TDS contents indicate the existence of excessive minerals in the water, which makes the water hard and non-drinkable.

As of 2021, a significant number of Indian families are facing difficulties with hard water and, Government fixed only a few of them. You are likely to face common issues like rough hair, itchy skin, faded clothes, and stained bathtubs. However, you may get severe diseases if you consume this water.

Installing a water softener will be great, but they are expensive. So, we’ll suggest you use the best shower head filter for hard water. However, it can’t remove the harmful sediments but filters them to make the water useful.

Our Top Picks:




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WaterScience Cleo SFA 520 Aroma Therapy

Cartridge: 25000 LTR
Note: Includes 10 Aromatic essential oil pads with 5 refreshing fragrances

 PURIFIT Shower Filter for Hard Water

Cartridge: 70000 LTR
Note: Both For Shower Heads and Taps

AquaKing Hard Water Shower Filter

Cartridge: 30000 LTR
Note: Supports Shower Heads and Taps Both

Preyank Solar Shower Head Filter

Cartridge: 35000 - 45000 LTR
Note: Cheapest Filter for Showerheads & Handheld Showers

ALTON Filter Shower Set For Hard Water

Cartridge: 35000--40000 LTR
Note: For Bathroom and Overhead Showers

Common Facts you need to know before purchasing the best shower head filter for hard water:

  • Water softener and Hard water filters are not the same.
  • The hard water filters can’t remove TDS sediments from water. It just converts the chlorine and other salts to harmless solutions.
  • High TDS doesn’t mean that the water is unsafe.
  • The lifespan of the cartridge depends on your usage and the quality of the water. It can last up to 6 months or maybe you’ve to change every month.  
  • Always run the shower for 5-10 minutes after installation to get the best results.
  • Hard water filters also work with hot water, but the temperature should vary between 5°  – 60°C.
  • The shower filters don’t come with a shower arm. Also, always check the fitting capacity before investing in a hard water filter.


Best Shower Head Filters for Hard Water – Reviews:

1. WaterScience Cleo SFM-419 Water Saver Shower Filter for Borewell Water

Despite being a plastic hard water filter, WaterScience SFM-419 perfectly does the job. Also, It claims that the shower head filter can filter up to 95% chlorine from hard water.

The shower head filter works with patent KDF technology that filters the hard water through four different layers. So, the maximum number of harmful chlorine and salts can be filtered out from your tap or shower water. However, the showerhead filter can’t remove TDS contaminants from the high TDS water. It just filters the harmful TDS sediments to make them harmless.

Also, the long-lasting cartridges perfectly work for up to 4-6 months(2 baths/day). But it depends on your usage. For a family having 3-4 members, it will roughly run for 3 months. However, the cartridge lifespan depends on water quality. Lastly, you can easily exchange expired cartridges with new ones.

Besides, You can save up to 70% water by using its Mist mode. Besides, the pulse mode gives you a rechargeable shower while the spin mode gives the feel of a real waterfall. Also, it comes with a DIY installation kit with proper instruction.

Fitting: Most of the showerheads.

What's Good

  • Strong plastic material.
  • Filter 95% chlorine.
  • 25000 ltr cartridge lifespan.
  • Easy installation.
  • Water-saving modes.

What's Bad

  • Only for showerheads.
  • Costly.


2. Preyank Solar Best Shower Head Filter for Hard Water. 

Preyank Solar is the cheapest metal shower head filter on our list. However, the hard water filter only works with the showerhead. You must have to purchase adapters if you want to install it on taps.

The filtering process of the prank water filter is done by 15 different layers, where it filters chlorine, unwanted salts, bacteria, and other sediments in each layer. The hard water filter also uses KDF technology to purify the water. Moreover, it claims to convert 99% chlorine to chloride and, also removes the bad odor of bleaching.

Also, you don’t have to change your cartridge can at least 4-6 months, as a single Cartridge can handle 30000-40000 liters of water. Moreover, the filter comes with an easy installation guide and kits that help you to install it properly. Also, you’ll get two years of warranty with a Preyank shower head filter.

At last, I want to add that the hard water filter is convenient for those people who just want to filter their shower water. It is a great hard water filter at this price point.

Fitting: Almost all types of showerheads.

What's Good

  • Strong Steel material.
  • Cheapest showerhead filter.
  • Use 15 different layers to filter chlorine(99%) and salts.
  • 30000-40000 ltr cartridge lifespan.
  • Value for money.

What's Bad

  • Only for showerheads. You have to buy adapters for taps.


3. AquaKing Hard Water Shower Filter for Shower Heads 

Best Shower Head Filters for Hard Water

You might be surprised, but the Aquaking metal shower head filter is less expensive than most of the other plastic filters. But don’t think that it has fewer features than the others. Even the hard water filter has some extra functionality compared to others. So, undoubtedly it is the best shower head filter for hard water.

The Aquaking shower head filter also uses patent KDF technology to filter TDS sediments from the water. Also, the KDF-55 and Calcium sulfite materials purify the water through 10 different layers.

It smoothes the hard water significantly by reducing the effect of chlorine, heavy metals, and also bacterias. Moreover, the advanced ionic filtration technique prevents skin dryness, hair loss, and other diseases.

The cartridge of the showerhead filter has a life of 30000 liters of water. It lasts up to 6 months on regular use. Also, you’ll get 90 days of warranty for the cartridge. Moreover, the showerhead filter comes with 2 years of warranty.

The Installing part is also much easier. It’ll only take your 3 minutes to fit into a showerhead or a tap.

Fitting Capacity: It fits all standard 1/2″ overhead, wall, or hand-held showers. Also, it works with the taps of 24mm aerators.

What's Good

  • Budget hard water filter.
  • Fits with taps, showerheads and, hand showers.
  • 30000 ltr cartridge capacity.
  • Advanced ionic filtration.
  • 90 days warranty on the cartridge.

What's Bad

  • No major issues.


4. WaterScience Cleo Shower & Tap Filter with Hard Water Protection for Hair & Skin

The next one on our list is WaterScience Cleo Shower & Tap Filter. The conventional hard water filter has almost the same features as the CLEO SFM-419, listed on the top of our list. However, both the filters have different usages.

As I mentioned, the CLEO SFM-419 only works with showerheads, but this one works with both showerheads and taps. However, it doesn’t have different shower modes. Also, the filter is not capable of water-saving.

The hard water filter fits in all Standard 1/2″ Showers and Taps with 22, 24, or 28mm Adapters. Also, you’ll get an easy installation kit with the packet.

I’m not going through the filtering process, because the process is the same. Here also, the cartridge has a life of 25000-ltr and lasts up to 6 months. Also, it comes with two years of warranty. Moreover, you’ll get 90 days warranty for the cartridge.

What's Good

  • Filter 95% chlorine.
  • The cartridge has a life of 25000-ltr.
  • Works with both showerheads and taps.
  • 90 days warranty on the cartridge.

What's Bad

  • Plastic material.


5. PURIFIT Shower Filter for Hard Water & Chlorine Removal (Black)

The PURIFIT hard water filter is designed especially for Indian households after testing it regularly on Indian water. Also, the RoHS and CE certified hard water filter claims to remove 98% chlorine from using Kinetic Degradation fluxion or KDF technology.

It is made of high-quality ABS plastic material that enhances the lifespan of the showerhead filter. Besides, it also comes with 2 years of warranty. Moreover, the cartridge of the showerhead filter offers up to 60000 liters of water and lasts around 6-8 months. I don’t think any of these hard water filters offer those features at this price range.

Its unique 10 stage filtration system converts harmful chlorine and hard water salts to chloride and harmless soluble consecutively, which reduces your hair fall & makes your skin smooth and glowing. Also, the filter removes limescale from the bathroom and prevents the growth of bacteria.

The PURIFIT shower head filter comes with an installation kit along with the installation video guidance and user manual. Also, it provides different tap connectors for all sizes. So, you can connect it with any tap.

What's Good

  • Designed especially for Indian households.
  • RoHS and CE certified hard water filter.
  • 10 stage filtration system.
  • 60000 ltr lifespan.
  • The cartridge lasts around 6-8 months

What's Bad

  • Made of plastic material.


6. RIVERSOFT SF-15 PRO abs shower and tap filter for hard water 

RIVERSOFT SF-15 PRO abs shower and tap filter for hard water

If you want to reduce hair fall problems causing by the harmful chemicals in the water, then you must have the RIVERSOFT SF-15 PRO ABS SHOWER & TAP FILTER at your home. Its 15 stage filtration technique not only reduces the harmful effect of chlorine but also maintains your hair color and looks natural with the help of Vitamin C.

The RIVERSOFT SF-15 PRO ABS Shower Filter also uses NFS approved KDF technology to form chloride. Moreover, the calcium sulfite works excellent on hot showers in case of modifying chlorine. Also, it inhibits the growth of bacteria and lowers the smell of bleaching powder. So, you can get a smooth bathing experience each time.

The Cartridge can last up to 6 months(40000 liters) depending on the TDS level and usage. Still, the filter claims to work on High TDS water(up to 1000TDS). However, you can purchase a new cartridge in the market( it doesn’t come with a warranty). lastly, the Shower Head & Tap Filter comes provides you a one-year warranty.

The Steel Shower Head & Tap Filter comes with a 1/2 universal inlet and universal outlet, which fits easily in all types of showerheads. However, you may need a connector to install the filter in your taps. Yet, the RIVERSOFT SF-15 PRO comes with an easy DIY installation guide. Also, you will get 1 x Filter Housing, 1 x Cartridge, 1x Teflon Tape, 2 x Silicon Seal inside the box.

What's Good

  • Built of strong ABS material.
  • The cost price is average.
  • Both works on tap and showers.
  • Also works with High TDS water.
  • It does not reduce your water flow pressure.
  • One year warranty.

What's Bad

  • You only have to purchase a connector for taps otherwise no major issues have been found.


7.  WaterFirst Sia Chlorine & Hard Water Filter 

Best Shower Head Filter for Hard Water

Finally, we selected the WaterFirst Sia Chlorine & Hard Water Filter, as it offers decent features and improved technology. It is the first showerhead filter in India, which provides you dual hardness technology. Also, it maintains the pH level of the water using the five-stage filtration technique.

The Sia Water filter is an NFS certified product and uses Gravity + SLOWPHOS + KDF + Activated Carbon technology to purify the hard water. So, undoubtedly, the shower head filter reduces your hair fall and protects your skin. Besides, it also helps to remove the yellowness caused by high TDS.

The body of the shower filter is build of Plastic ABS material. However, the connectors are of metal that fits in all showerheads, hand showers, and taps. Also, the filter is suitable for your home appliances like Kitchen Sinks and Geyser.

The premium shower head filter comes with a free DIY installation kit and four tap connectors. Also, it provides your 2.5 years of warranty, which is far more than other shower head filters.

What's Good

  • NFS & WQA certified.
  • It uses new improved technologies.
  • Premium Looks.
  • Fits any Showerhead, Showehands, and, taps.
  • It comes with 2.5 years of warranty.

What's Bad

  • No downs.
why shower head filter

Best Shower Head Filter for Hard Water – Guides

best shower head for hard water filter

There are some factors to consider before investing in a shower head filter. Also, It’s essential to consider these factors to get the best shower head filter for hard water that meets your specific requirements.


Both plastic and metal shower head filters are present in the market. Plastic filters are easy to maintain and eventually cost low. But after frequent usage, the filters may get a crack.

But the metal shower head filters are sturdy and rustproof. Also, it will protect your shower from corrosion. However, you have to spend a little bit more to get the benefits.

Water purification capability:

It is obvious that you want to purchase a hard water filter for water purification. So, take a deep dive to find the shower head filter, which can purify the water significantly. The additional filter layers can filter out the maximum number of chlorine and other undesired minerals from your water. However, it also depends on the quality of the hard water filter.

Cartridge Filters:

The cartridge filters perform the main work inside a shower head filter. Some manufactures offer extra cartridges inside the packet. So, these hard water filters can be an excellent option for you.

Lifespan & Warranty:

One of the most important factors to consider a must. The cartridges should function for up to 4-6 months. Also, the hard water filter must have a minimum of 2 years warranty.

Installation process:

There should be a proper guide to install the best shower head filter for hard water. Because it saves your time and also prevents unexpected damage to the filter.

Best Shower Head Filter for Hard Water – FAQ:


What is the best shower head filter for hard water?

WaterScience Cleo SFM-419 is the best shower head filter for hard water from our list. Not only the shower head filter purifies the hard water, but also it saves you water by 70% in Mist Mode.

Which shower filter removes the most contaminants?

As I mentioned before that shower filters aren’t able to remove contaminants. However, if you’re looking for an efficient shower filter at a decent price range, then you can go for the AquaKing Hard Water Shower Filter for Shower Heads 

Do shower filters work?

Shower filters only make the water a little bit smoother by filtering the chlorine and salts. Mainly it converts chlorine to chloride by KDF technique and makes the water salts(magnesium and calcium)soluble. However, it can’t remove the TDS contaminants from the water. So, never expect that it can be an alternative to the water softener. However, it can reduce hair fall and dry skin problems if used regularly.

Do water filters soften hard water?

Not exactly. Water filters can’t soften hard water like a water softener. However, the showerhead filters can wipe out a significant amount of minerals from water to make it harmless.

Does hard water ruin your hair?

Yes. Hard water makes you dry and your hairs remain rough even after using shampoo. Moreover, it can lead to hair fall or hair loss.


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