9 Best Smart LED Bulbs To Enhance Your Room Lighting India 2021

Are you finding the best smart led bulbs online? Then you’ve just landed in just the right place. I have just done comprehensive research on the best smart led bulbs in India. So, I can assure you that it will easier for you to choose the perfect smart bulb if you go through the article properly.

Before purchasing the best smart led bulbs we need some knowledge about smart bulbs –

1. What are the Smart bulbs?

Smart bulbs are similar to traditional bulbs having internet capabilities. The Smart LED bulbs can be controlled remotely using an app or device. It has the features to change brightness, choose colors, schedule routine, or set alarm according to consumers. Smart Bulbs are the most innovative invention of IoT in the category of Home automation.

2. How do Smart Bulbs work?

Smart bulbs need to be connected to a wireless network to access all the smart features. Otherwise, it will glow like a normal bulb. It operates by using mesh networking techniques.

Best Smart LED Bulbs in India 2021

1. Wipro WiFi Enabled Smart LED Bulb B22 9-Watt

Brightness Variations:

The Wipro WiFi Enabled Smart LED Bulb lets you glow your rooms with 16 million RGB colors at an instance. You can adjust the brightness level of the bulb according to your mood like such as reading, night, meeting, party, leisure, soft.

Also, you can choose between Warm White(2700K), Neutral White(4000k) & Cool White Day(6500K) with the help of the Wipro Next App.

No additional Gateway Needed:

On the other hand, no additional gateway or hub required to control the smart led bulb. Using the Wipro Next App you can pair the smart led bulb with a smartphone and simply operate it from across several miles. But the led bulb should be in the range of your Wi-fi router.

Schedule Your Time:

Become smarter by scheduling the time for the smart bulb to glow or dim. Set a reminder of your evening or sunrise time to save time and electricity. Configuring the smart led bulbs is super easy. Consecutively, you can pair the different room’s smart bulbs in a group and operate them together.

Operate with Voice Commands:

Furthermore, control the smart led bulb with your voice. The Amazon Alexa, Google Home Device, or IFTTT app will do the job for you.

Simply, connect the smart bulb with any other device or app mentioned above and give the name of your smart led bulb [e.g – LIVING ROOM BULB], then just give commands according to your choice.

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Moreover, the 9-watt smart led bulb gives you two years of warranty. The smart bulb works with B22 holder which generally used in all Indian houses. It can be also operated using Mobile Hotspot. However, ensure that the hotspot frequency is 2.4 GHz.

What's Good

  • More variations for White light are available.
  • No additional requirement of the hub.
  • 16 million RGB colors are available where basically others having only about 3 Million variations.
  • Reliable price of the smart led bulb.
  • It can be controlled using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.
  • The Wipro Next App is quite decent.
  • Overall the bulb is value for money.

What's Bad

  • Brightness should be a little bit better.
  • The manual is less informative.
  • In case of power failure, after resuming the bulb’s previous state get reset automatically.
  • The light has a more greenish effect.


2. Syska 9-Watt Smart Bulb Compatible with Amazon Alexa

best smart led bulbs


The Syska 9-watt smart led bulb produces enough brightness to light up a medium-sized room. The 3 million shades and tones of the bulb add extra flavors to every occasion. Change the brightness from dim to full bright according to your need using the Syska Led app.

Gateway or Hub:

It does not require any additional gateway or hub similar to Wipro Smart Led Bulb. Control the bulb anywhere from the world with a single click. In this case, the bulb should be within your wifi range as mentioned above.

Time Schedule:

The schedule feature also works with the Syska LED Smart bulb. Simply make a schedule to turn on the bulbs when it’s getting darker and turn them off at the sleeping time. Set up the bulbs to get automatically on or off while you are out of town to trick the thieves.

Voice Control:

Both Alexa Echo and Google Assistant work flawlessly with the smart led bulb. Use the additional features by installing the Syska Smart Home app on your smartphone and enjoy the automation mode.

An additional feature is that multiple people can control the bulb with the help of group creation.

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The Syska Smart LED bulb gives you two years of product warranty. No battery is required in the bulb. The white polycarbonate bulb supports the B22 Pin Socket.

What's Good

  • Superfast Connectivity to the router.
  • Good intensity of white light at maximum brightness.
  • Mobile hotspot connectivity is available.
  • It does not heat too much.
  • Easy to setup.
  • Cheap in price compared to others.

What's Bad

  • The brightness should be improved.
  • Color accuracy in RGB mode is not decent ( Yellow looks like orange).
  • \The plastic quality of the bulb is not up to mark.


3. Mi LED Wi-Fi 10W Smart Bulb (White and Color, E27 Base)

best smart led bulbsBrightness Quality:

The new Mi LED Wi-FI Smart Bulb produces 800 lumens of light by only consuming 10W power while a standard bulb needs around 60W of power to produce the same. It has also 16 million color access for each & every moment. More color temperature variations are available in this bulb. You can choose between anything from candlelight to a fluorescent lamp.

best smart led bulbs

The key feature of the smart bulb is that it doesn’t require any hub or bridge to connect with, as it comes with an in-built Wi-fi within it. Simply, just plug it into the right holder and you’re ready to go.

Robust Design:

The design of the smart bulb is slightly different from Syska or Wipro smart bulb. It has a metallic base with fewer curves on the top. The matte finish of the Mi LED smart bulb helps to resist heat dissipation and also gives a premium look.

Instead of B22, it has an E27 base. You must purchase a B22 to E27 socket converter with the smart bulb to make it work. MI Led smart bulb claims 11 years long life if using daily 6 hours on an average.

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Mi Home Features:

By installing the Mi Home App you can use all the additional features of the bulb. There are five toggles on the home page of the Mi Home App. You can use them to turn on/off the light, change colors, enable flow( transition of colors between a short period).

There are also some occasion-based options such as Movie, Birthday, Date Night, and Romantic Evening. Additionally, you can save your most used colors in the favorites section.

Moreover, the bulb works both with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The ability to perform voice tasks is extremely convenient. Create routines, change brightness, and much more by just a command.

What's Good

  • Strong build quality
  • Gives decent brightness compared to Wipro and Syska bulbs.
  • Bridgeless smart bulb. Consume less power.
  • It doesn’t become too hot.

What's Bad

  • Price comparatively higher than Wipro and Syska bulbs.
  • Need E27 socket to work.
  • Only 6 Months of warranty is given.


4. Amazon Brand – Solimo Smart LED Light, 9W

best smart led bulbs

The Solimo Brand smart light is a sub-brand of Amazon. The cheap smart bulb gives you around 810 lumens of light while consuming only 9W power. The bulb is also available in 12w variations.

The affordable price range & convenient features make it competitive in the smart bulb market. Solimo Wi-fi enabled smart led bulb comes with 16 million RGB colors and white light temperature variations from yellow warm white to cool day white. (3000K to 6500k)

The design of the Solimo led bulb is simple, similar to the Wipro one. It is a little bit heavy though. The smart LED bulb gets easily connected to a B22 socket. You have to install the Smart Life App on your android or ios device to use the seamless features of the smart hubless bulb.

The smart bulb comes with Alexa and Google Home integration. Voice commands work flawlessly on this device. Brightness changing, creating routines, on/off the light gets easier.

Make sure the bulb is connected only with a 2.4 GHz Wi-fi connection not only with a 5 GHz Wi-fi to prevent damages to the bulb. Although, the bulb has 1 year of warranty.

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What's Good

  • Value for money.
  • Competitive price range.
  • It Consumes less power.
  • The variant of white and other colors.
  •  Awesome brightness.

What's Bad

  • Sometimes Wi-fi bugs noticed.
  • The brightness gets automatically reduced while changing from white to any color.
  • Bulb forgets the previous state after a power failure.


5. Philips Smart Wi-Fi LED bulb B22 9-Watt WiZ Connected

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The new Philips Smart Wi-Fi LED bulb from Wiz technology is a 9-Watt bulb(also available in 12-Watt)by Wiz technology. It claims to have 16 million colors and also supports Google Assistant & Siri Shortcut. Wipro and all other smart bulbs are decent but if you an iOS or Siri lover then you can all go for Philips.

The sleeky design of the bulb is as simple as the Wipro bulb. Its plastic material is decent and durable. The bulb has a B22 base and claims to produce 825 lumens while consuming only 9W power. Besides, the bulb comes with 2 years of warranty.

While talking about brightness temperature the simple white, warm white, and cool white features are available. In the home section, you can On/Off the bulb or can activate the night mode. There are two sliders in the Wiz app both for temperature and brightness changing. Also, a lot of dynamic lighting scenes are given for your every mood.

To connect with Siri, simply you have to create a Siri shortcut on your device. After that, everything you can operate using voice just like changing colors, scheduling routine with ease. Besides, the hubless feature of the bulb gives your extra control while you’re not in range.

Now mentioning the pros and cons of the bulb.

What's Good

  • Competitive price range.
  • Good built quality at this price.
  • Quality brightness.
  • The colors are accurate.
  • Easy installations.

What's Bad

  • The app drains the battery faster.
  • Installation time.


6. Halonix Prime Prizm Smart 12W Base B22 Wi-Fi LED Bulb

best smart led bulbs

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Halonix is a vast, well-known company in India which is manufacturing bulbs and other lighting stuff for almost 25 years. Mainly they do projects for hospitals, railway-station, street-lights, and more. The quality of their products is convenient.

Halonix Prime Prizm Smart LED bulb can light your room with millions of shades at an instance. The Polychromatic LED Bulb produces around 810lumens which gives a decent amount of brightness for a room but also consumes 12W power.

It gives you full control over the brightness. From romantic dim to brightest everything can be operated over the smartphone. Moreover, the highest brightness temperature goes up to 4000k.

The Smart LED bulb is made of polycarbonate. A little bit wider through the top & sleeker at the bottom gives it a premium looks. Halonix Polychromatic LED Bulb is though heavier than other smart bulbs. It comes with a B22 base, however, it has also an E27 base variation.

The Halonix App also gives you decent features. Simply just register on the app and connect the bulb through wi-fi & you’re ready to rock. It has all the basic features in the app that all the other smart bulbs have. It doesn’t require any hub. You can group multiple bulbs to operate them together.

Both Alexa and Google Home virtual assistant features integrated within it. The manual inside the box has all the details to use the above features.

What's Good

  • Good build quality and design.
  •  Fast Alexa integration.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Two years of warranty.

What's Bad

  • Overheating issues.
  • The app. needs to be developed more.
  • Brightness gets reduced while changing to colors.


7. Helea 9W Wi-Fi Smart Bulb (B22), Colour & White Ambiance

The Indian Smart Home brand Helea recently launched its Smart LED Bulb which is specially made for a wide variety of power supply in India.

It’s a BIS certified LED bulbs to ensure compliance with Indian Standards. The bulb is coated with silicone gel to prevent overheating. Moreover, You can interlink with other Helea devices to get a complete Smart Home Experience.

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The bulb has a decent size and comes with 16 million color variations for every occasion. Also, different white light temperatures are available in the bulb. Switch between Warm White / Neutral White or Cool Day Light White.

The build quality of the bulb is noticeable. Both aluminum and plastic are used in this bulb. A bit heavier than other smart bulbs, having a simple and glossy design.

Install Smart Helea App on your smartphone to operate the bulb. The app is well developed and the interface is simple. Changing brightness, scheduling routine, and all the additional features like scene creation, dimming the bulb can be done in just a few taps.

The smart bulb is compatible with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant like other smart bulbs. It’s super easy to connect through Amazon Alexa or the Google Home app. The rest of the processes are the same.

Helea Smart LED bulb comes with 2years of product warranty.

What's Good

  • Well priced & fits comfortably.
  • Great colors.
  • The easy interface of the app.
  • Gives a good response both from G Assistant & Amazon Alexa.
  • Value for money product.

What's Bad

  • Difficult to connect through a hotspot.


8. IFITech Auto Turn on and Off Smart Bulb with Motion Sensor

The IFITech Smart Bulb is different from the other smart bulbs in the market. It doesn’t have any virtual assistant integration or doesn’t require any wi-fi connection to work. The bulb is smart in its way. It produces 900lumes by just using only 9w power. The cool white color of the bulb has 6000k temperature.

The smart bulb has a light sensor & motion sensor on the top that detects the light intensity and glow according to it. The bulb gets automatically off at day time and glows up at night.

At night, the motion sensor also detects you while you’re in the range and the bulb glows up. However, the Motion-sensing smart bulb will light up even when you are not around as long as it is dark.

The smart bulb is easy to install. It gets fitted in a standard Indian light socket. No additional screws, sensors, or wires are required. Just install the bulb and leave it. You do not have to physically turn on/off the bulb.


IFITech smart bulb is built-in photosensitive elements & automatic sensor control. It saves up to 80% of electricity than traditional bulbs. Moreover, the bulb is eco-friendly & has great durability, claims to have 10x more life than standard bulbs.

It provides 100% green lighting, no lead or mercury, glare, flicker mixed in it. Also, it has one year of warranty.


You need to install the bulb in the vertically down position, a maximum of 10 feet above the ground to get the best results. The bulb is a perfect companion for the storeroom, staircase, or car parking area.

The motion sensor can detect motions in between 8-10 feet range and 7-10 feet of height. It gets automatically turned off after 3 minutes of no motion detection.

What's Good

  • Easy to use.
  • Motion detecting and light-sensing feature.
  • Low electricity usage.
  • Quality product.
  • Best value for money.

What's Bad

  • Works well only in the ceilings.


9. Nishica WiFi Enabled Smart LED Bulb B22 9-Watt

best smart led bulbs

Nishica a creative light manufacturing brand. Mainly they manufacture rechargeable batteries, LED lights. They implement the latest innovative technologies on their products. All the products of Nishica are safe to use.

Nishica Smart LED bulb makes a convenient place in the competitive market by adding all the new features at less price range. You can bring this bulb to your home by paying under 500. Highly adjustable brightness to millions of color options is installed in it.

The multicolored bulb both supports Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant. It allows you to operate it anytime, anywhere. You can also control the smart led bulb from anywhere using the Smart Life app which is available for free on iOS App Store and Google Play store.

What's Good

  • Value for money.
  • Cheap price.
  • Good App integration.
  • Decent brightness at this price.
  • Good colors.

What's Bad

  • Only 6 months of warranty.


10. Trending Objects Smart WiFi LED Light Bulb B22

best smart led bulbs

The new Trending Objects Smart LED bulb operates in 7W power and gives you one of the best smart bulbs experience. Though the bulb is expensive,  it worth the price. Not only the 7W smart bulb produces the same brightness as a 75w traditional incandescent bulb, but it also smartly saves energy.

Traditional Objects claims that the smart bulb is long-lasting and can light up to 20000 hours. Also, it saves 80% of energy throughout its life-span.

The smart bulb has 16 million colors within it and various brightness adjustment. Its brightness temperature varies from  2000k to 9000k. Also, it has four scene variations(Party, Read, Sleep & Meeting mode).

Rest of the four scenes you can create of your own by customizing your favorite colors and brightness temperature. You may also set up multiple schedules to turn on/off according to your wanted preset time.

The Smart LED bulb has inbuilt wi-fi within it. It does not require any controlling hub. The bulb supports a 2.4 GHz wireless network and gets easily connected with a wifi router.

The Smart Life app gives you the advantage to remotely control the app. You can control the bulb individually or may create a group of different bulbs. The Smart light works with Amazon Alexa, Google Home & IFTTT.

What's Good

  • Good Build Quality.
  • Good Brightness & Colors.
  • Easy to Setup.
  • More virtual assistant integration.
  • Indian product.

What's Bad

  • Price is higher than others.


Best Smart LED Bulbs – Buyer’s Guide

Smart led bulbs can be a great companion for your home if you choose the right bulb for your home. Choosing a smart bulb is not too difficult if you look out for the important factors before purchasing. So, hover once below before bringing a new smart bulb to your home.

1. Design & Size:

Many of us don’t care about the design. But a premium design of the bulb gives your room a different look. For the classy design smart bulbs, you can go for the Wipro Garnet, Syska, or Philips Hue. A good size bulb is a great choice for your room.

2. Brightness:

Brightness is one of the most important features to check before choosing between the best smart led bulbs. Look for the better brightness intensity. 800 lumens is enough to brighten a room. Also, go through brightness variations available for the bulb. The dimming feature helps you to make your mood. The Mi Smart bulb or the Amazon Solimo has a decent brightness level.

3. Wattage:

Wattage matters a lot while looking for the electricity bills. More wattage means more power consumption. Although, a 9W led bulb will produce more brightness than a 7w bulb and 12w will produce furthermore. So, choose a bulb according to your needs.

4. Colors:

Although all the smart LED bulb manufacturer’s claim of having millions of colors in their bulbs. But you have to look out for the most accurate colors. The greenish-yellow or the reddish-orange is not preferred. Also, colors should maintain the current brightness. The Philips Hue has the perfect colors according to me.[/su_spoiler]

5. Base Socket:

Both B22 & E27 socket bulbs are available in the market. In a normal Indian household, B22 holders are mostly used. For E27 bases you should buy a socket converter to plug the smart bulb.

6. Controllability:

Nowadays, all the best smart led bulbs have a voice control feature. Alexa and Google Assistant integration make your job easier. Apart from voice control, the integrated app should be user-friendly. The app interface should be attractive and easy to use.  Most of the bulbs are now hubless, so operating the bulbs from anywhere in the world is possible now.

7. Lifespan and warranty:

Lifespan matters a lot for smart bulbs. Although, the manufacturers claim to have 11 years or 15000 hours of lifespan you should check and go for the right one. Also, the warranty is a big factor for every electronics product. 1year to 2 years warranty is decent for every smart bulb.

8. Amazon Certified:

if you’re hovering online to buy a smart led bulb you should go for the Amazon Certified bulbs. They are durable and also safe to use.

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