Best Steel Lunch Box for kids India 2021 – Reviews & Guides

best steel lunch box for kidsAre you finding the Best Steel Lunch box for kids? But can’t come up with a final choice. Then, coincidently, you’ve arrived in the right place. Check our whole article properly to clear your thoughts.

The Lunch Box is the most valuable thing that should be in your kids’ schoolbag, along with books. Also, we can’t compromise with the quality of the lunch box as it directly affects your kid’s health. So, we have listed the best stainless steel lunch box for school going kids.

An insulated lunch box can benefit your kids in many ways. Firstly, it manages the hygiene of the food, which is the most important thing. Secondly, it keeps your food warm until the recess period of your kids’ school. Jump right to the Best Steel Lunch Box for Kids – Guides to know more.




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Cello Feast Deluxe Insulated Kids Lunch Box


Cello Feast Deluxe Insulated Kids Lunch Box


Jaypee Stainless Steel Lunch Box 


Cello Click It Stainless Steel Lunch Box


Jaypee Lunch Box Missteel Angry Birds Red 650 ml

Angry Bird Red

Best Steel Lunch Box for Kids India – Reviews:


1. Jaypee Steel Lunch Box for Kids (Missteel Hello Kitty Pink)insulated lunch box for kids

We can assure you that your little girl will love this new Jaypee Steel Lunch Box. Also, The pink color and the small kitty character will make your kid’s tiffin more exciting. Moreover, the 650ml small steel lunch box can stock enough food for your school going kids and their best friends.

The 100% food-grade plastic of the chopper keeps the surface cold, while the inner stainless steel material maintains the warmness of the food. The handles of the lunch box are also composed of stainless steel which, ensures the durability of the box.

Also, Its lock system prevents food spillage or leakage. So, your kid’s school bags remain safe from getting dirty unexpectedly. Moreover, it easily fits inside the school bag for being compact.

The steel lunch box for kids comes with a Stainless steel sabzi container and, steel spoon inside it. It makes your kids’ lunch easier.

What's Good

  • Strong and durable.
  • Compact Size.
  • Insulated Stainless Steel.
  • Steel Handles.
  • It comes with a steel sabzi container and a steel spoon.

What's Bad

  • No major issues.


2. Cello Feast Deluxe Insulated Lunch Box for Kids, Blue

The Cello Feast Lunch box is designed especially for your kids. Its captivated design of the superheroes makes your kids super thrilled to open their lunch boxes. Also, your kids will never get bored with their tiffin box because of its dynamic color.

The exterior of the lunch box is also composed of unbreakable BPA free plastic material. But it has stainless steel material inside it which keeps your food fresh for a long time. However, Cello uses plastic on the handles of the lunch box.

However, few consumers have complained about the handles of the tiffin box not being sturdy. But don’t worry, the steel tiffin box comes with extra handles inside it.

What's Good

  • Strong and durable.
  • Compact Size.
  • Insulated Stainless Steel.
  • Leakage free airtight lock.
  • It comes with extra plastic handles.

What's Bad

  • The plastic handles are not sturdy.


3. Cello Tiffy Gift Set Insulated Lunch Box with Plastic Water Bottle best insulated lunch box for kids

The Super-compact Cello Lunch box is designed especially for your small kids. The lunch box is remarkably lightweight and easy to carry. Your kids don’t have to make any hustle for it.

The design of the insulated steel lunch box is the same as the above products. Moreover, it has Tinkerbell graphics on it, which will make your kids’ meal fun. The break free tiffin box comes with an odor-free stainless material inside it, which keeps the food fresh for your kids. Also, the leakage proof lid avoids unexpected food spillage.

Furthermore, the lunch box comes with a 400ml water bottle. So, you don’t have to pay extra money for bottles. The quality plastic material of the bottle makes it long-lasting and safe also.

What's Good

  • Super Compact Size.
  • Strong and durable.
  • leakage proof.
  • BPA free material.
  • Also, you get an extra plastic bottle

What's Bad

  • Only for small kids.


4. Maxim Mfg. Stainless Steel Lunch Box for kids and adults

The Mfg Stainless Steel lunch box is the most favorite on our Best Steel Lunch box for kids list. The lunch box is suitable for all kids, teenagers, and adults. Also, the plain covering of the tiffin box provides a premium look.

We can say that it is the best steel lunch box for kids, as it doesn’t have a little piece of plastic on it. It makes the lunch box properly insulated and leaves no way for leakage. Also, the tiny steel handles well grasp the lunch box and makes the lid easier to open.

The Stainless steel is unbreakable of the lunch box. No matter how much your kids play with it or use it as an instrument. Also, the steel lunch box is dishwasher safe. However, the lock gets too tight if you overload food inside it, and also, it becomes so hot while keeping warm foods inside.

What's Good

  • Entirely built on stainless steel.
  • Sturdy and long-lasting.
  • Insulated and leakage-free.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Dishwasher safe.

What's Bad

  • Bulky.
  • Sometimes the lock gets so tight.


5. Veigo Stainless Steel Lunch Box for School kids

The Veigo Steel lunch box for kids easily fits in any school or office bag for its compact and sleek design. Also, the simple exterior of the lunch box makes it convenient for both kids and teenagers. Moreover, The lunch box is available in 5 color options.

The lunch box is entirely built on stainless steel, except for the handles. Also, the tiffin box is made of a steel lid, which is excellent. Your food will be completely safe, fresh, and warm inside the lunch box. Also, there is no tension of food leakage because of its airtight lid.

Moreover, the stainless steel tiffin box comes with a small container. So, you can add some dry fruits for your kids. But the extra container doesn’t fit inside the main lunch box.

What's Good

  • Entirely built on Stainless Steel.
  • Super Strong and Sturdy.
  • Odor and leakage-free.
  • Also, you will get an extra container.
  • Value for money.

What's Bad

  • A little bit bulky in size.
  • The little container doesn’t fit inside the big one.


Best Steel Lunch Box for Kids – Guides:

insulated steel lunch box

We need to check out some factors before purchasing a stainless steel tiffin box for kids. Below we have written about some common factors that you must consider while choosing the best steel lunch box for kids.

Compact Size:

As you’re purchasing the lunch box for your kids, So, always check the size of the tiffin box twice. The bigger tiffin boxes can make your kid’s bag heavier and,  he or she may get difficulties while carrying the school bag. So, A small sized lunch box is convenient for your kids. Because the tiffin boxes are easy to carry and, also it can store enough foods to fill the stomach of your kids.


We know that many kids don’t finish their lunches and, even some of them don’t open the lunch boxes also. But there is a simple solution to it. As kids always attracted to cartoons and superheroes, So, having a Superhero on their tiffin box can change their intention. 


Both plastic and steel lunch boxes are available in the market. But Considering hygiene, we should choose the best quality material. If you’re looking for a plastic lunch box(which we don’t recommend) then, you must look for a BPA-free plastic tiffin box. Also, the lock system should be convenient as cheap lids can lead to food spillage.

So, we highly recommend purchasing an insulated stainless steel lunch box. As the lunch boxes maintain the hygiene properly and, the food temperature also remains the same even after hours inside the tiffin boxes. So, your kids can enjoy the proper taste of their lunch(especially for Maggi and Pasta).

Food Spillage:

The lid of the tiffin box should be durable and leakage-free. As kids jump or play with their bags, it can lead to food spillage. So, your kid’s lunch box lid must have an airtight lock.


Warranty doesn’t matter a lot for kid’s lunch boxes as they cost low. However, if you got a kids’ lunch box, providing a warranty, then it’s a great deal. Otherwise, you can go for a lunch box, having no warranty. But you should check for the warranty if you’re purchasing a big office lunch box.


Best Steel Lunch Box for kids – FAQ:

1. What is the best lunchbox for kids?

From our list, Cello Feast Deluxe Insulated Lunch Box is the best steel lunchbox for kids. It has the maximum features that should have in a kids lunch box. The lunch box is lightweight, insulated, and designed with attractive superhero characters. Hence your kids can’t ignore his or her lunch anymore. Also, the leakage proof tiffin box prevents the spillage of your toddler’s lunch.

2. What is the best brand of steel lunch boxes in India?

There are plenty of good brands available for lunch boxes. So, it’s a little bit difficult to stick to a single brand. However, if you want to purchase a good durable office lunch box, then my suggestions are “Milton“, ” Cello”, “Signoraware” and “BoroSilicate“.

3. Which material is more preferable for the lunch box whether plastic or steel?

I will always suggest you use a steel lunch box, especially for hot foods. Also, the lock system is not convenient for most of the plastic lunch boxes. So, food leakage occurs often if you’re carrying liquid food. However, the plastic boxes are a little bit lighter.

4. Is the Borosilicate glass lunch box the best lunch box?

Obviously, Borosilicate glass boxes are great for office lunches. They are strong and super durable despite being of glasses. Also, the lunch boxes are microwave-ready and leakage proof.

5. Is it unhealthy to take lunch in a plastic box daily and microwaving it before eating?

Yes, it’s unhealthy to take lunch daily on a plastic box and never microwave lunch on plastic boxes. It will degrade the food quality and also damage the lunch box. However, if you’re having dry foods in your lunch, then you don’t need to worry that much.



We hope you have read the “Best Steel Lunch Box for kids” article well. But if you cant come up with a choice till now, then I will suggest you go for the Cello Feast Deluxe Insulated Lunch Box for Kids or Veigo Stainless Steel Lunch Box for School kids.


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