Best Vegetable Chopper Brand in India 2021- Reviews

Are you finding a new Vegetable Chopper online? But confused among the different brands. Don’t worry, there is nothing unexpected in it. There are plenty of chopper brands available in the market. So, many people often get messed up while choosing between brands. But don’t worry, In this article, we will guide you to find the best vegetable chopper brand in India.

Best Vegetable Chopper Brand in India:

1. Amazon Solimo:

Solimo, a recently launched brand by Amazon in 2016, especially for the Indian market. Amazon Solimo mainly offers kitchen and home improvement products. However, the products are manufactured by an Indian seller, not by Amazon.
Despite being a new brand, Amazon Solimo pushes itself to the top position in the market. The reason behind this is, Amazon Solimo products provide the best value to consumers at budget prices.

best vegetable chopper brand in India

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The ABS material makes the chopper more durable and also keeps the food hygiene. Also, Its compact size ensures that you can chop the right amount of vegetables at once. Moreover, you can use the chopper inside the refrigerator as a food preserver.

The three stainless steel blades of the chopper are sharp enough to chop your hard veggies & boneless meats. Also, the anti-skid base provides a perfect grip on the smooth surfaces. Moreover, the airtight lock prevents the spillage of foods while chopping.

The chopper works with the pulley mechanism. You simply have the pull the thread to rotate the blades. Also, you can easily clean the chopper’s part separately.

However, a few complaints have arisen about the chopper’s string & the container not being sturdy. But the positive reviews and budget price of the Amazon Solimo chopper make it the best vegetable chopper brand in India.

What's Good

  • Cheapest Handy Chopper.
  • No leakage.
  • Anti-skid base.
  • Decent Size.
  • Easy to clean.

What's Bad

  • Poor quality string and plastic material.


2. Smile Mom:

The next best vegetable chopper brand in India is none of but Smile Mom. Smile Mom is one of the best brands in the category of Home improvement. However, they have a good range of kitchen appliances also. The “Hindustan iStore” registered trademark brand offers plenty of features within a decent price range.

best vegetable chopper brand in India

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The Smile Mom vegetable chopper comes in a 600ml variation which is convenient for small kitchens, travel & camping. You can also go for 900ml or 1100ml variations for bigger purposes. However, the food cutters are a little costly than Amazon Solimo Choppers.

The food chopper is made of BPA-free plastic material that maintains the quality and hygiene of your foods. Also, the plastic container is more durable and sturdy than the previous Solimo chopper.

The slim design of the chopper makes it handy & gives ease of use. Also, the anti-skid base provides a perfect grip while chopping vegetables. Moreover, the leaked-proof lid of the chopper prevents spillage and also makes it convenient for storing foods.

It comes with 3 sharp blades that can easily cut/chop any vegetables or boneless meats. A single pull of the metal string can give you up to 12 cuts, So it saves your time efficiently.

Also, the cleaning part is much easier, as you can disassemble all the parts and clean them separately. Few consumers complain about the string is being rusty, but it becomes smooth after using it a few times.

What's Good

  • Sturdy, Slim Design.
  • Bigger container with a big pulley.
  • Anti Skid Base.
  • No Food Spillage.
  • Strong metal string.

What's Bad

  • A little bit costly.


3. Ganesh

Another best chopper vegetable brand in India is Ganesh kitchenware. Ganesh kitchenware generally offers kitchen appliances. Though it does not have a lot of varieties like Smile Mom, the Ganesh choppers are valuing for money. Also, they offer convenient features within the minimum price range.

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This is the cheapest vegetable chopper on our list. The 725ml food chopper comes at an unbelievable price range having most of the features within it.

The big container of the vegetable chopper can handle enough vegetables at a single time. All the three stainless steel blades can finely chop them. It also comes with a non- skid base for better grip on smooth surfaces.

The cleaning process is also easier than you think. All parts are removable and dishwasher safe. Moreover, it comes with a big handle that provides a better grasp during chopping.

Though the plastic and blade quality is average, the price of the chopper overshadows them & makes it one of the best vegetable choppers in India.

What's Good

  • Cheapest food chopper.
  • Non-skid base.
  • Bigger in Size.
  • Easy to Clean.
  • Bigger handle for easy pull.

What's Bad

  • Poor quality plastic and blades.
  • No airtight lock.


4. Pigeon

Pigeon is a Korean brand, established in the year of 1978. They sell their products over 40 countries including India. Moreover, Pigeon is a top brand in the international market. They mainly manufacture Home and kitchen appliances. Also, in the year 2019, Pigeon India honored with the title of India’s Best Company Of The Year Awards 2018.

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The Mini Handy Chopper by Pigeon has more than 40000 positive reviews on Amazon. You can carry the chopper anywhere because of its compact size. The food chopper is made of high-quality unbreakable ABS plastic which provides great durability.

The three robust stainless steel blades are super sharp to cut every vegetable of your kitchen. Also, the sharpness of the blades remains the same for a long time even after daily usage. Moreover, you can disassemble the blades to clean them properly.

It comes with a long pulley cord better handling. It provides up to 380 knife cuts per 20 seconds. H0wever, the time and cuts depending on your strength. Also, the lock system of the container prevents food spillage.

The most positive thing is that Pigeon India provides a 30 days brand warranty on manufacturing defects. Considering the positive features of the food chopper, we can say that Pigeon is also the best vegetable chopper brand in India.

What's Good

  • Compact, handy & portable.
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Strong Blades.
  • Longer pulley cord.
  • 30 Days warranty.

What's Bad

  • No anti-skid base.
  • Only for small uses.


5. Wonderchef

Wonderchef is a world-class & most trusted Cookware, Bakeware, Kitchen Appliances. The owner of the brand is an Indian entrepreneur Ravi Saxena while co-owner of the brand is chef Sanjeev Kapoor. The brand already pushed itself to the 100 crores family and undoubtedly it’ll generate more than 1000 Crore in the upcoming five years. But already it gained the title of the best vegetable chopper brand in India.

best vegetable chopper brand in India

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The ergonomic design of the Wonderchef chopper ensures comfortability and ease of usage. Also, the size of the container is convenient for your kitchen.

The Wonderchef Food chopper is made of strong plastic material which makes it a long runner for the Indian kitchen. Also, the sharpness of the stainless steel blades remains the same even after 1000 usages. The blades can chop the vegetables in different sizes of pieces depending on pulling variations.

The remaining features of the chopper are mostly the same as the above products. Like Nonslip base and long pulling chord. Also, you can easily clean all the parts individually.

In one word, we can say that the Wonderchef brand did a great job while becoming a new Indian Brand. So, undoubtedly it is the best vegetable chopper brand in India.

What's Good

  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Sharp Blades.
  • Longer pulley cord.
  • Anti-skid base.

What's Bad

  • It’s not made of ABS material.
  • Blades design can be improved for better cutting.


Best Vegetable Chopper Brand in India – FAQ:

1. Which is the Best Vegetable Chopper Brand in India?

In my opinion, Smile Mom and Ganesh’s kitchenware is the best vegetable brand in India. As they offer plenty of features at the lowest price range. Also, they have a lot of chopper variations by size and price.

2. Which is the Best Vegetable Chopper in India?

There plenty of good options available for vegetable choppers. But considering durability and ease of usage the Smile Mom and Pigeon Food Chopper is the best option.

3. Will the choppers have a brand warranty?

Most of the handy choppers don’t come with a warranty as they cost low. But you’ll get 30 days of warranty with the Pigeon Vegetable Choppers.

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