Best Waste Bins for Room & Kitchen in India 2021(Also Known as Kitchen Bins)

Best Waste Bins helps you to keep both dry and wet trashes in an organized way. These compact bins are equally convenient for your kitchen, office, or personal room.

Do you know that in the metro cities in India, an individual produces an average of 0.8 kg daily which generates around 62 million tonnes of solid wastes per year?.

I’m sure by now you are well aware of that. But What you may not be aware of is that a lot of people don’t care about the trashes and recklessly throw the wastes outside. This not only makes our around unsightly but also affects nature badly.

So, Everyone should make a habit of putting the wastes in the dustbins.

7 Best Waste Bins In India(For Kitchen, Office, and Rooms):

1. AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Dustbin, Black

Here we come up with one of the most useful and stylish waste bin addition for your home. The waste bin has a smooth outline shape and a wide flat base, making it more stable on the ground. You can drop trash items into the bin easily with its swing lid feature.

Simply give the top a gentle tap or allow the weight of the trash to tip the lid automatically.

Besides, the bin keeps the trash confidential. The waste bin is of stainless steel, however, it has black plastic built on top. The size of the waste bin is around 21cm in diameter and about 30cm tall. Further, the product is part of the AmazonBasics bathroom accessory collection and liked by international buyers.

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Using the product regularly makes feel you robust, However, the product is from Amazon Basic so there is no compromise on product quality. The material quality is good and gives durability and sturdiness. Overall the product is value for money.

What's Good

  • The stainless steel gives long-lasting durability.
  • Easier to use.
  • The neat design of the waste bin.
  • Robust.
  • For its small size, perfectly fits in the bathroom.

What's Bad

  • A little bit expensive though.

2. Bathla Brown Leather Waste Bin (Cane)

best waste bin

Another markable trash digester is the Bathla Brown Leather Waste Bin. Undoubtedly, the product is built with the highest quality of stainless steel, therefore, makes it more durable. Furthermore. it can resist corrosion so you can use it for a long period.

Besides, the modern design of the trash bin gives it a significant look. You will never get bored with Bathala. The brown cane classy finish gives it a gorgeous and impressive look. Especially, the non-markable base design of the waste bin makes it more impactable. The waste bin capacity size is approximately 12-15 liters.

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Basically, the base prevents the marks left on your marble, wooden or tiled floor when you use the trash bin for a long time. The waste bin is a perfect match for any modern office or residential use.

What's Good

  • Excellent Quality with leather covering looks.
  • Premium trash bin.
  • Strong and Sturdy.
  • Value for Money.
  • Perfect size for home or office.

What's Bad

  • It’s an open bin.
  • Doesn’t have any Lid.
  • Better to use only dry wastes.

3. Twin Bin Dry and Wet Waste Dustbin with Regalo Dustpan


best waste bins

The Twin Bin Dry and Wet Waste Dustbin with Regalo Dustpan has a simple elegant look that is ideal for any home or office. The waste bin is the best choice for any type of trashes. It has two different storage capacity both for dry and wet wastes.

Despite steel, the built material of the bin is plastic which makes the trash bin more lightweight. It comes with a blue and green color variation which gives your room corners a decent look. The trash bin comes in a size of 32 cm x 30 cm x40 cm. Three capacity variations of 16ltr, 18ltr & 25ltr are available.

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Meanwhile, the waste bin is made up of 100 percent food grade & BPA Free. So, don’t worry about is plastic build later on. Although, it is a plastic bin it has the durability to run long. It has a foot padel to open the lids. The waste bin is perfect for medium size family having 4-5 members total.

What's Good

  • Decent build quality.
  • Lighter than others.
  • Available in broad sizes.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Comes with Dustbin and Dustpan.

What's Bad

  • Malfunctioned foot padel.


4. Cello Classic Plastic Pedal Dustbin, Black

If you are looking for the best waste bin at a budget price, you can opt for the Cello Classic Plastic Pedal Dustbin. The plastic lightweight bin is easy to use and clean. However, the plastic material is of good quality makes the bin strong and sturdy. Additionally, the waste bin enhances the appearance of your room & allows you to keep your surroundings clean & hygienic​.

It comes with 6litres and 12litres storage capacity along with rich color variations. The waste bin has a removable bucket within it along with a handle, which makes your task easier while cleaning the bin. Also, it has an attached lid on the top of it which gives relief to you from the stinky smell.

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What's Good

  • Removable inner bucket along with the handle.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Strong plastic material.
  • Premium looks.

What's Bad

  • Sometimes the padel gives issues.

5. Signoraware Modern Lightweight Dustbin, 12Ltr, Grey

best waste bins

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Signoraware is one of the leading plasticware companies in India having ISO certification. It provides superior quality of plastic material which gives assurance of highly competitive prices to customers.

The built-in plastic is quite unbreakable. It comes with a lid so no smell escaping issues will occur and also having a foot padel so you don’t have to makes your hands dirty.

Moreover, The textured design of the trash bin is quite decent and impressive. It’s is lightweight, easy to use & handle.

Within it, a bucket is provided along with a handle for cleaning purposes. There are four rich color variations are available for the bin. It enhances the surroundings of your home or office rooms. The product size is about 3.4 x 3.4 x 3.2 cm and weighs around 118g.

What's Good

  • Premium unbeatable plastic material is provided by Signoraware.
  • Excellent quality and design.
  • Stable and sturdy.
  • Better than the cello one.
  • Suitable for home & office.

What's Bad

  • A Little bit costly.
  • Small-sized.


6. Matel Some 15 liters Stainless Steel Plain Pedal Dustbin

The new Matel Some Stainless Steel Plain Padel Dustbin is a great value for the money. It comes with a 15liters capacity along with high-quality built-in material. The dust bin is suitable for bathrooms, office rooms, or wherever. The waste bin is built with strong and durable stainless steel, but the insider bucket is made of plastic. Its modern, simple, and stylish design make it an ideal bin. The contemporary look of the dust bin perfectly gets matched with any household. The bin also includes a foot padel & a lid. The plastic bucket inside it is easy to wash and removable. The dust bin can be also used as a laundry basket.
The waste bin is Eco-friendly & safe to use. The company uses odor-free primary plastic materials which are tougher and flexible and much better for the environment.

What's Good

  • Eco-friendly dust bin.
  • Impactable designing.
  • Decent size of the bin.
  • Strong built quality.

What's Bad

  • The plastic build of the insider bucket.

7. Parasnath Stainless Steel Dot Dustbin

The Parasnath Stainless Steel Dot Dustbin is the cheapest among all the above waste bins. The bin is manufactured with high-quality 201-grade stainless steel. One can use it as a waste bin or even as a laundry basket for soiled clothes.

The polished stainless steel helps it to prevent corrosion and gives a long-lasting life. The bin has a different design and looks from the others which makes it unique. It has a strong anti-scratch rubber bump base, prevents your floor from getting marked.

The bin measures 8 inches in length and 13 inches in height. It is preferred to use in offices, living areas, and inside the room.

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The overall performance of the waste bin is noticeable. The waste bin is an open bin & has little holes in the body, so you may need some dustbin bags while putting wet waste in it.

What's Good

  • Suits the purpose.
  • Good looking and durable.
  • Value for money.
  • Competitive price range.

What's Bad

  • Quality should be a little bit better.
  • Not suitable for wet wastes

Buying Guide – Best Waste Bins In India:

Although the buckets or bins are just used to keep trashes, you should care about their quality. So, here are a few know-hows for picking the best waste bins in India, amidst all.

1. Material

The build quality of the waste bin is one of the most important factors to look out for choosing the best waste bins. Both stainless steel and strong plastic material bins are available in the market.

Stainless steel bins are stronger and durable than plastic bins. But many of the steel bins are affected by corrosion due to low-quality steel. Plastic bins are also not long runners. So, you should go with the strong & sturdy material for long-lasting usages.

2. Capacity

There are a lot of size variations available for the waste bins. According to room size or family members, the demand for bin size will be different. I can say a 15liters bin will be good for two persons.

However, a medium-sized family of four members can opt for a 20liters bin or bigger. For the office or bathroom usages, you can choose the 10liters bins.

3. Lid

It is always preferred to buy a bin having a lid on the top of it. The lid can save you from the stinky smell of the old wastes. So, the room environment remains fresh. Open lid bins are easier to clean but the bad odor can affect your mood.

4. Foot Padel

Foot Padel feature is also to be noticed before choosing the best waste bins. The foot padel allows you to open the lid without touching the dustbin. So, if you don’t want to make your hands dirty go for a waste bin having a foot padel.

5. Design & Color

A better design of the bin always enhances your room surroundings & makes you feel robust. Opt for the bin, which design perfectly matches your room having all the above features.

A decent color makes your bin perfect & convenient for your usability. So, choose a dustbin, which color is most suited to your room.

6. Waste Type

In our daily life, both dry and wet wastes are produced by us. Dry wastes are less stinky while wet wastes spread a bad odor and badly affect the room air. So, better to go for the dustbin having different waste containers.

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