Best Detergent For Woolen Clothes India 2021(Also known as Fabric Washer)

best detergent for woolen clothes

Never use the laundry detergent on your woolen clothes!!! These regular detergents consist of bleaching & other add-on ingredients, which are not suitable for woolen clothes. It lessens the shine & makes your garments look rough or older. Besides, after repeated washing, you can end up with torn or fuzzy clothes. So, there come a … Read more

Best Descaling Powder For Washing Machine India 2021

washing machine descaler

Washing machines unconditionally ease our laundry while also caring for the clothes. Isn’t that? So, In return, we should also care for our washing machines and clean them on a regular basis. After a certain period, limescale starts growing inside our washing machine or any other appliances, mainly for the presence of iron in water, … Read more