11 Best Fridge Top Cover Online India 2021(January)

Finding a fridge top cover online? Check the 11 Best Fridge Top Covers once before making a decision.

fridge top cover online indiaA fridge top cover is one of the essential things that should be at your home. These unique covers protect your refrigerator from dust and scratch, keeps it colorful, elegant, and evergreen.

The most important thing is that fridge top covers are super cheap, look attractive and, come with extra pockets for storage. Besides, the top covers are also reusable after washing.

11 Best Fridge Top Cover Online India:

Here is the list of our 11 best picks of fridge top covers. Go through the product descriptions properly to make the best choice.

1. Factcore Designer Black Box Fridge Top Cover

The Factcore Designer fridge top cover comes to the top of our list, having premium features within a decent price range.

It comes with a size of 21×39 inches, ideal for the most standard size refrigerators. However, you should check your refrigerator size once before purchasing this top cover.

The good quality fabric material makes the fridge top cover non-tearable, provides more durability. However, few consumers complained about the inner material being thinner. So, you’ve to wash it gently to use it for a long time.

Apart from that, the Factcore Designer fridge top cover has three pockets on each side, enough for storage. Besides, Factcore Designer provides different design and color options for this fridge top cover.

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2. Kuber Industries Checkered PVC Fridge Top Cover

The Kuber Industries Checkered fridge top cover is being on the list of “Amazon’s Choice” for a while now. It gains more than 5000 five-star reviews on Amazon.

The refrigerator top cover comes in two different sizes, 21 inch x 38 inch & 55 cm x 98 cm. It easily gets fit on single to double door fridges, even the 495 liters fridges also.

The fridge top cover is made of PVC material, which makes it worth the price. It protects your fridge from regular dust, stain, and scratches. Besides, it doesn’t get torn after washing.

It also comes with six pockets for storing purposes along with three different designs.

The Kuber Industries Checkered also manufactures mats for your fridges. But the quality of the fridge mats is average. However, the combo deal of (3 Fridge Mats, 1 Handle Cover, and 1 Fridge Top Cover) is decent at this price range.

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3. Yellow Weaves Combo of Fridge Top Cover


Yellow Weaves brings a complete decorative setup for your refrigerator at the cheapest price range. The combo pack contains a Fridge Cover for Top, 2 Fridge Handle Covers and, 3 Fridge Mats. 

The blue-colored fridge top cover is also made of polyester fabric, which makes it non-slippery. So. it sticks beautifully on your fridge. Also, the cover is durable and easy to clean. Besides, it comes with six deep pockets for extra use.

Coming to the size, the Yellow Weaves makes the Fridge Top Cover: 38.5 X 21.5 Inches, Fridge Handle Cover: 14 X 6 Inches, and the Fridge mat: 11 X 17 Inches. So, check the dimension of each part of your fridge before purchasing it.

The PVC mats increase the inside beauty of your fridge. The mats are stain, water, and oil resistant. So, you don’t have to clean your fridge often. You can also use these mats in a drawer, shelves, or dining table.

For the handle covers, the same material has been used as the top cover. 

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4. Kanushi Industries Floral Design Fridge Top Cover

If you’re bored with the traditional design of the fridge top covers, then you should definitely try this top cover once. The Kanushi Industries brings the new fridge top cover having an elegant floral design & maroon red color.

The fridge top cover comes in the size of 39 X 21 inches, which usually fits on standard size fridges. However, the top cover is short for a fridge of 300 liters or above.

Besides, the polyester top cover can protect your refrigerator for a long time from dust and scratches.

Lastly, it comes with six utility pockets, three on each side.

Apart, few consumers have complained about the color of the fridge top cover being a little different & thinner.

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5. Amazon Brand – Solimo Cotton Blend Fridge Top Cover

While finding the best home essential products for our home, we really can’t skip the Solimo brand. Thousands of Indian customers are satisfied by the new Amazon brand- Solimo.

The Solimo fridge top cover uses cotton instead of traditional PVC or polyester material, making it eco-friendly & easy to clean. Also, the cotton stitches are strong. So, no issues with durability.

The size of the top cover is a little small(37×21 inches). However, it can cover most of the fridges properly.

The color combination and the design make this top cover worth for money. Also, it comes with three different color variations to match your fridge. Overall, the Solimo fridge top cover is value for money.

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6. Loomantha miles to go. fridge top cover Combo

Here is another great deal from Loomantaha offering a Combo of 1 Fridge Top Cover, 2 Fridge Handle Cover & 4 Fridge Mats at an unbelievable price range. Also, it grabs a position in the “Amazon’s Choice” list.

It’s a perfect combination of color and design, which enhances the dignity of your fridge & kitchen. Besides, the Non woven fabric top cover and handles protect your fridge from stains, dust, and scratches for a long time. The fridge top cover and handles are made directly from separate fibers.

The fridge top cover can easily hold a fridge of 670 liters. Also, the handles perfectly fit on any size of fridges. However, the mats are small for a bulky fridge.

The rest of the features are the same as the other traditional Combos. Nevertheless, it comes only in a single size, color & pattern.

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7. Goel Home Decor Combo of Fridge Top Cover

Like the previous one, the Goel Home Decor also offering the same Combo Set(7 pieces) but costs a little bit more. However, design and quality go with the price.

I personally love the design of the top cover and mats, as using it in my kitchen. Also, the color & the print of the products are up to mark. Besides, it keeps my fridge’s exterior clean from clouds of dust as well.

After using and washing it for a year, it doesn’t get torn,

The covers(38X21 inches), mats, and handles get fits only on standard size fridges. Both the handle & cover are made of traditional polyester material. Besides, the mats are also made from PVC.

Rest, it does have six spacious pockets for extra storage.

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8. Radeet Digital Printed fridge top cover

If you’re tired of using polyester, PVC, and cotton fridge top covers, then you should try the new variation once. The Radeet Digital Printed fridge top cover is designed using good quality jute instead of PVC or polyester.

The design of the cover is completely different from others & printed digitally. So, it doesn’t get fade after washing.

Also, the jute fabric makes this cover strong and non-tearable. You can use it for a long time without any compliance. It also has pockets on each side of the cover.

The standard size cover can be used in all the major sizes of refrigerators. However, the major drawback of the fridge top cover is being expensive than the rest.

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9. Marine Pearl Premium Waterproof Fridge Top Cover

The most expensive refrigerator top cover on our list, but a perfect option for large fridges. The premium quality fridge cover is made from a durable fabric material, keeps your fridge dust and stain free. Also, it does make the cover waterproof.

The Marine Pearl fridge top cover comes in the size of 42 x 21 inches. For its large length, the cover is favorable for fridges up to 700 liters.

It comes in black & white color, having strip design. So, if you have a black, grey, or maroon colored fridge, probably it can be the most suitable option for you.

Lastly, it has six utility pockets as usual to store daily essential items. Also, the cover is easy to clean or wash. 

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10. Yellow Weaves Floral Decorative Fridge Top Cover

If you’re looking for a decent design in your fridge top cover instead of pockets or other stuff, then you should definitely check this product once. The Yellow Waves fridge top cover comes with an alluring floral design, used net fabric as the base material.

The off white top cover is a little wider than the rest covers, comes with a dimension of 37 X 24 Inches.

Coming to the quality, the fridge top cover is a little thinner than the traditional covers, probably because of the net fabric. But you don’t have to worry about the durability of this cover.

The downside of the fridge cover is that it doesn’t come with utility pockets. 

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11. G-Trading Hub Premium Fridge Top Cover


The last pick on our list is G-Trading Hub Premium Fridge Top Cover. The dustproof fridge cover is made of premium quality polyester blended material, which protects your fridge from moisture, oil, paint, dirt, bacteria, and pet scratches.

It’s a small size cover. So, if you have got a fridge of 350 liters or above size, don’t purchase this one.

There is no compromising in the quality of the cover. It’s easy to use and wash. 

There is nothing innovative in the design of this G-trading hub fridge top cover. It comes with a checkered design, having a combination of black, white, and grey. However, the G-trading hub offers eight different color and design options for fridge covers.

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Buying Guide to Fridge Top Cover Online India:

While finding a fridge top cover online, you’ve to consider a few things before purchasing a top cover for your refrigerator. Nowadays, people don’t like to use the full covers, as it hides the exterior of your fridge.

On the other hand, the fridge top cover protects your fridge from dust, stain & scratches without compromising the beauty of your fridge.


The design is a significant factor that you should look at first while purchasing a fridge top cover as it increases the value of your refrigerator.

You can find plenty of different designs and colors available online. But you must purchase the most suitable one that goes with the fridge and the room interior.


Another thing that you should look for along with the design is the color of the cover. Choose a color that matches the contrast of your fridge. Don’t purchase anything that looks odd compared to your fridge.


The size is a crucial factor you should consider. Otherwise, you may come up with a fridge top cover, which doesn’t fit your refrigerator. Large top covers are manageable, but the short fridge top covers are a waste of money.

I’ll suggest checking your fridge dimensions finely before making a decision.


We have picked the best fridge top covers for you. So, if you’re going to purchase any of them, you don’t have to worry about the quality. Just go through the products properly.

However, if you have any uncertainty till now, You can check the customer reviews once to clear your thoughts.


Don’t stick with a single product. Compare 2-3 products at once to find the best fridge top cover at your price range.

Like few brands are only offering a single fridge top cover at an affordable price range. While other brands are providing a combo of fridge top cover, mats, and also fridge handle covers around the same price.

Lastly and most importantly, make sure to check your fridge’s length and breadth while buying any of the above products.

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