7 Easy Things That Bring Good Luck In The House

Honestly, no one of us wants to face bad lucks at all. 

However, we have to go through difficult situations in our life sometimes and, during this period, we need a lot of positivity to come across from negativity.

So, today, I’m letting you know about the simplest seven things that will bring good luck to your house for sure.

By using these easy methods, you can increase the positive vibrant in your home. It will definitely bring good luck to both your life & house.

1. Burn incense

Burning incense inside your home is probably one of the best ideas to diminish the negative energy. Almost in every Indian household, people use to burn incense in the morning and the evening.

Besides, most cultures like Hinduism or Buddhism have a ritual of using incense on new beginnings. They believe that it brings good luck/ positivity, which maintains flow in the right direction.

Apart from that, the nicely smelling incense sticks keep our mind refreshing & helps us to focus on work.

2. Lucky Bamboo Plant

You might be heard of feng shui, a pseudoscientific practice of ancient China to heal people using energy forces. The tradition of keeping the bamboo plant at the house is originated from there.

A Bamboo plant is considered one of the luckiest elements in feng shui. When it grows at home, your prosperity and abundance also started to expand along with the lucky plant.

Apart from that, the number of stalks of a bamboo tree indicates specific meanings in your life.

  • Two stalks for Marital Life.
  • Three stalks for Happiness.
  • Five stalks for Health.
  • Eight stalks for Wealth and Abundance.
  • Nine stalks for Good Luck.
  • Ten stalks for good health, joy, happiness, and prosperity.

Most importantly, you should place the bamboo plant in the east or southeast direction inside your home to get the most benefit.

3. Mount a Horseshoe

Especially in India, people use to mount horseshoe on their gates. It may be blind faith, but people believe that horseshoe brings good fortune in our life.

According to Vedic astrology, the horseshoe is also considered a lucky symbol. Mainly, it protects your house from all kinds of negative energies.

Things That Bring Good Luck In The House

Besides, It reduces the adverse effect of “Shani’s Drishti” or Saturn’s evil eye.

For this reason, people are also advised to wear a horseshoe ring on their middle finger during the Sade Sati period of Saturn.

To bring the flow of good luck inside the house, you must have to hang the horseshoe in a ‘U’ shape on the upper side of your main door.

On the contrary, hanging the horseshoe in a reverse position can flush out good luck from your house. Also, never hang a horseshoe on a metal gate. Always keep it on a wooden gate or mount it on the wall above the door.

4. Keep a Turtle

Keeping a turtle at home also can bring good luck for you. But here, I’m not talking about the living creatures and, no one should convey them inside the house forcefully. Instead, you can keep a black turtle sculpture in your home.

In Feng shui practice, a tortoise or turtle is one of the animal symbols that signify luck.

According to the ancient Chinese tradition, a black tortoise or turtle is one of the four celestial animals, indicate the four directions of our compass. Usually, the black turtle or tortoise holds the north direction representing winter.

It provides strong protection against negative vibes and maintains stability at your home. Keeping a turtle in the backyard of the house can make you feel energetic the whole day.

Like the other feng shui or Vastu practices, it also has some recommendations for better results:

1. Metal Tortoise: A metal tortoise is mainly used to increase concentration power. The best place for a metal tortoise is your office or kid’s room.

It’ll increase your productivity for sure while kept in the north or northwest direction. Besides, it also helps your kids to score better in the exam by sharpening their minds.

2. Wooden Tortoise: Conversely, if you have a wooden tortoise at your house, then make sure to place it in the east or southeast corner. It’ll remove all the negative energies from your home and fill it with happiness.

In addition to these, people also like to use a female tortoise for peace in the family.

5. Water Fountain or Paintings

Flowing water symbolizes the uninterrupted progress in our life, Like a river, determines to reach its destinations instead of the obstacles like mount, plateaus, and land in its path.

So, keeping a water fountain in your home is always preferred to attract good luck. It continues the flow of money, positivity, and love in your house. 

However, if you can’t make space for a water fountain at the house, use paintings depicting water flow. You’ll see the same results.

Places to keep the water fountain: 

  • North direction for betterment in career.
  • East direction for good health.
  • Place in the Southeast direction to attract prosperity.

To avoid adverse effects, never use two fountains or don’t place them inside your bedroom.

6. The Laughing Buddha

You may have noticed this Statue in plenty of restaurants and might be thinking of it as a decoration item. But the Statue has a different reason to be there.

The figure which I’m talking about is not only the but the Laughing Buddha. He is believed to be the incarnation of Lord Buddha lived in the 10th century in ancient China.

Mainly, the Laughing Buddha symbol is used in restaurants to attract wealth & prosperity. But it also brings positive energy and blessing.

A Laughing Buddha placed at the front door of your house always fills you with a lot of positivity and joy whenever you come from outside.

But never keep the Statue on the floor, bedroom, or bathroom.

Apart, keeping a bigger statue of Laughing Buddha is always favorable, as you can rub his belly to get more and more good luck.

7. Mirrors as Good Luck

Most of the time, we consider the mirrors as bad luck, as the ‘Seven years of bad luck for breaking a mirror’. 

Here, I’m not going to classify that it is true or not. But in some cases, mirrors can bring good luck and wealth for you if placed at your home correctly.

Firstly, a decent size mirror in your dining room on the north or north-east corner can provide you abundant prosperity.

Besides, there are also a few other placements of mirrors to bring good luck to your house.

  • Opposite to your locker to double the wealth.
  • In the north direction to attract Kuber(God of wealth).
  • For better health, place mirrors on the bathroom walls.
  • Must for a dressing room, keeping it 3-4 ft above the ground.

Lastly, a mirror should never face the entrance of your house. Also, don’t use mirrors inside the bedroom and kitchens.

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