15 Unique New Year 2022 Gift Ideas For Family & Friends

Almost the whole year of 2021, we have spent at our home, due to the pandemic.

But, a new year always comes with new hopes and possibilities. Also, It’s the best time to take new responsibilities and resolutions to change your life.

Besides, on New year’s eve, we like to purchase some new items for our own, family, or relatives. It’s nothing but a small effort to bring a smile to the faces for a good starting on the year.

Here, I’ve listed a few small items for you and also for your closed ones, those you can send as a gift.

1. Diaries & Pens

Nowadays, people usually don’t like to write diaries. Probably, because of the busy schedule or just too much addicted to smart gadgets.

But writing a diary is a good habit, and it keeps lots of valuable memory in our life. Diaries are the most precious items compared to their price.

So, if you’ve not started writing till now, you can make a hobby of it by this new year.

2. Cakes

During the Christmas festival season, how can we miss the cakes? Cakes are almost used in every celebration and, the new year is not an exception.

So, having some cakes or sweets for a single day will not be a bad idea, even you’re going to take a weight loss resolution this year.

3. Greeting Cards

At present day, greeting cards are the less common items, which are used to wish others. As forwarding wishing messages on social media is more favorable to us.

But on this new year, you can use greeting cards to wish your family, friends, or close ones. Also, don’t forget to add some beautiful lines and memorable images(if you have). This unique idea will leave a good smile on their face.

4. A Lucky Plant

To attain more and more luck in this new year, you can purchase a lucky bamboo plant for your home or office.  Besides, the lucky plant will also help you to stay positive & calm throughout the year. You can also gift this item to whoever you want.

Keep in mind that you’re only gifting a plant, not your luck.

5. A Beer Mug

What can be more cheerful than drinking beer with friends?

And a new year’s party can’t be done without chilled beers, though it’s wintertime. So, you can gift a beer mug to your beer-loving friend, having a unique tagline(which goes to your friend) in this new year.

6. Photo Gallery:

The unique gift idea can be the most precious for couples.

If you have plenty of memorable images of her/his or together, you can make a photocopy of the photos and put them into a greeting card or book, saying a Happy New Year to your love.

7. Perfume:

Which fragrance does your friend love the most?

Perfume is also a good gift idea for your friend who loves to use fragrances. Also, those who don’t like to shower in the winter season need perfumes for sure.

8. Winter Clothes

During this winter season, winter clothes are must needed. So, you can gift them a winter jacket or a unique pair of socks or a beanie.

It may sound a little bit weird, but you can try it once.

9. Liquor

Your drink lover friend will definitely need liquor during this cold season.

So, make them happy by gifting a brand new liquor bottle on this new year’s eve. Also, you can enjoy drinking with him/her on a wintry evening.

10. Grooming Kits

Gifting grooming kits on the new year is most common among people. Men usually like to gift shaving kits to their friends, while girls are likely to get makeup kits as gifts.

11. Home Decor Items

There is plenty of options available for home decor gifts. Starting from celestial idols, key & mask holders, flower vas, LED bottles to wall clocks, anything you can pick up for gifting.

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12. Accessories

Watches, sunglasses, or bracelets are also common gits people like to gift. Besides, you can also gift items like headphones or a personalized back cover for your friend’s smartphone.

13.  Netflix/Amazon Prime

Do your friend like enjoying movies all the time?

Then, bring a smile on his/her face by gifting a one-year subscription for Netflix/Amazon Prime. For NetFlix, you may add your friend as a user. So, it will don’t cost anything for you.

14. Amazon Gift Cards

You can also send Amazon Gift Cards to your friends. Best for those who don’t like to gift physical items to friends.

The Gift card will help your friends to purchase their favorite items from Amazon.

15. Baby Items

Lots of couples have become parents during the lockdown.

If your friend also bore a new baby recently in this year, then you can send gits like baby clothes, toys for the baby.

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